Career Peer Advisors

Career Peer Advisors (CPAs) are here to provide students from all class years with peer support related to their individual career develpoment needs.
CPAs are trained advisors that can meet with students to talk about and give feedback on resumes, cover letters, and using Handshake most effectively. CPAs are well prepared and ready to help students with some of the most commonly asked career questions. They can also help guide students to resources, services, and the expertise of the HCC staff as it relates to their specific needs.
Students may schedule an appointment with a CPA through Handshake or they can come visit HCC during walk-in hours. Career Peer Advising Program FAQs.
Meet our Career Peer Advisors:


Class of 2020

Major: History 
Minors: Spanish, East Asian Studies
What I love most about Occidental is the community within and around the institution. From my friends helping me through hard times to my professors caring about my academic wellbeing to my colleagues at the Career Center supporting my professional development, I feel like I am truly a part of something special. Also, the zucchini bread at the Green Bean. 
What I like most about being a CPA is being able to engage with my peers one-on-one about their career goals. It is so interesting to learn about the trajectory of each student’s career journey and I feel honored to be a small part of their development. Meeting with students also inspires me to work and grow in my position and be a better asset to my peers.  I also really like meeting student that I wouldn’t usually cross paths with due to academic or social schedules! It is always nice to see another friendly face on campus.


Class of 2020
Majors: Diplomacy & World Affairs, and Economics
On campus I'm involved with work in the Career Center and I'm a lifeguard at the Taylor Pool.  I'm also a member of the Oxy Outdoors Club, the Rock Climbing Club, the Ski and Snowboard Club, and the Gaming Club.
When I saw that Occidental College was a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles, I applied on a whim with no idea how perfect it would be.  I love the architecture, the friendships I can garner with my professors, and the exciting academic challenges I'm faced with all the time.  Occidental is an environment in which I thrive with people whom I care about.
Working as a Career Peer Advisor is exciting!  Everyday is different where I may research interesting employers, meet with students to learn about their passions and aspirations, or work with the rest of the CPA team on interesting projects which develop my own career experience.  As a student, I am a member of the Occidental College community. As a CPA, I am an integral actor working towards the success and development of that community. I've also made a lot of new friends on campus through the career center!


Class of 2021
Majors: Diplomacy and World Affairs, Theater
What I love about Oxy is its people! Some of the most interesting and best people I've met are on this campus: from my friends and inspiring professors who care about their students to my great colleagues and caring professional staff at the HCC. I also enjoy the challenging academic life that makes us actively rethink the world we live in and its systems of power. On campus, I'm involved with a variety of clubs and student orgs: Academic Liaison for DEB (Diversity and Equity Board), Oxy Mock Trial Team, First-Gen Club, and the International Students Organization. 
I love being a CPA and meeting with students one-on-one because I enjoy sharing knowledge and helping other students with their career goals the way the HCC staff has helped me. I also love that this position makes me learn constantly so that I can be a better resource for Oxy students.
Class of 2021
Major: Kinesiology
Minor: Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
I love the small size of Oxy because I am able to walk around and see so many familiar faces. You really get to know everyone on campus even the professors. I got into chemistry research because my professor needed help and knew me well enough to trust me taking over a project. I'm also involved with sports, research, and different clubs on campus: Womxn's Rugby, Planned Parenthood, Boundless Brilliance, QTPOC, SAGA, and Chemistry research. QTPOC, which provides me a space for me to be myself and be around those with the same identity as me. The rugby team is my second family and they all inspire me daily. Also the campus is beautiful. My mom told me I was going to school in the forest the first time she visited. 
I enjoy being a CPA because I am able to help students with the skills I gained here at HCC. Everyone I know on campus is involved with so many different things but they are so humble about it. Being a CPA I get to hear my peers' stories as well as demonstrate to them how amazing they are. I know how nerve racking and anxiety provoking planning your future can be, but ending a meeting and having them tell you they feel much better just makes me happy. 


Career Peer Advising Program FAQs

What types of appointments do CPAs take?

CPAs conduct resume and cover letter review, as well as Handshake “how-to" sessions. And if students don’t know where to start when it comes to their career journey, meeting with a Career Peer Advisor can be a good first step!

Which class years can meet with a CPA?

All class years are welcome to schedule an appointment with a CPA. Students can schedule an appointment with a CPA on Handshake.

Do I have to meet with a CPA prior to meeting with a Career Services staff member?

No. Students have the flexibility to meet with either a Career Peer Advisor, or a member of the Career Services Staff based on availability or type of advising support needed.

Can I apply to become a CPA?

Yes! Recruitment for the Career Peer Advisor position begins in January of each year. Applicants can view the job description and application requirements in Handshake, with the application period open from mid-February to mid-March.

Since the CPA role directly serves as a career development bridge between students at Oxy and the HCC, CPAs will engage in additional training during the spring semester after they have been selected prior to the next academic year.

What are the preferred eligibility criteria to apply for a Career Peer Advisor Position?

Ideal candidates and incumbents should meet the following qualifications:

  • Completion of at least one (1) semester at Oxy, sophomore class standing or above.

  • Previous engagement with the Hameetman Career Center.

  • Good academic standing.

  • Completion of at least one (1) internship.

  • Completion of the HCC’s Internship Search Bootcamp.

  • Proficiency in using Handshake.

  • Intermediate proficiency in using MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  • Possess strong writing and public speaking skills.

  • Evidence of leadership, dependability, initiative, and attention to detail.

  • Ability to work independently or part of a team.

  • Students receiving Work/Study financial aid, preferred.

How do I apply to a CPA position?

Students can apply via Handshake with a resume and cover letter. The application will be open mid-February 2019.

Is the Career Peer Advisor Position paid?

Yes. This is a student employment position.

How is a CPA role different from a student assistant position in the career center?

Student Assistants primarily support the operations of the HCC (event logistics and reception desk), whereas the CPAs advise students on resume, cover letter, and Handshake review, which require more advanced professional development skills, commitment, and expertise.