Past Guest Speakers

The Young Initiative invites foreign policy experts and guest speakers to campus to engage in discussions on international relations and the global political economy with students and faculty.

Details on Young's past guest speakers and their topics of discussion can be found here.

March 29, 2014


Brian Erickson asks how we can bring more meaning to social media with five simple questions.


March 29, 2014



Somer Greene's TEDx talk is a Spoken Word piece titled "RAD." Somer describes the American Dream as "untouchable" —something that cannot be taken, manipulated, or destroyed by human hands but somehow has. Somer's piece is a simple reminder to live, celebrate, and reinvent our American Dream... to be RAD.

March 29, 2014


Current "Bling Dreams" are not making us happy, economically viable, or environmentally sustainable. How can we reimagine prosperity? Dematerialize our images of success? Let's learn from behavior change successes to co-create a New American Dream together.