Past Guest Speakers

The Young Initiative invites foreign policy experts and guest speakers to campus to engage in discussions on international relations and the global political economy with students and faculty.

Details on Young's past guest speakers and their topics of discussion can be found here.

Image for Finessing the China Relationship in the Age of Trump
August 29, 2017

In a public forum hosted by the Young Initiative on the Global Economy at Occidental College, students and faculty came together to discuss the US-China relationship as part of the Trump and The World Series.

February 16, 2017

Michel Gabaudan spoke in the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs at Occidental on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017 and was the keynote speaker for Occidental’s 2017 UN Week.

Image for Gregory Treverton: Global Trends
February 9, 2017

On Tuesday, Dr. Gregory Treverton spoke about the future of global dynamics, citing a paradox in the trajectory of globalization. As globalization continues to evolve, forces fight against it, yearning for situations of the past. 

Image for Judge Nguyen: From Oxy Gown to Judge's Robe
February 8, 2017

On Thursday, February 2, 2017, the Honorable Jacqueline Nguyen visited Oxy to discuss her journey from Oxy on graduation day to her current position as a Judge sitting on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. She is the second guest in the ongoing Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series, hosted by both the Young Initiative and the Politics Department.

Image for Globalization & Its Discontents: "Governing the Internet in a Global Age", Dr. Rinalia Abdul Rahim
January 31, 2017

Dr. Abdul Rahim is the founder of Compass Rose Sdn Bhd, which provides strategic advice and solutions towards enhancing performance, learning and impact. CR helps organizations, networks and communities find the key direction to success and value creation through knowledge, technology and innovation.

Image for Philipp Schonrock: Colombian SDGs Planning & Implementation
December 8, 2016

             This past week, Philip Schönrock Director of CEPEI (Centro de Pensamiento Estratégico Internacional) in Bogotá Colombia visited Occidental to speak for the SDG Speaker Series. His talk primarily focused on the role of governance in development and specifically the role Colombia played in creating and implementing the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Image for Laura Manley: Open Data for Sustainable Development
November 7, 2016

 On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the Young Initiative welcomed co-founder of the Center for Open Data Partnership Laura Manley to campus. Manley’s presentation focused mainly on targeted group work, where students were asked to create teams to analyze some of the challenges facing the use of data to measure progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Image for Carmen Chu '00 Reflects on Her Journey to Public Service
October 26, 2016

Carmen Chu graduated from Occidental in 2000 and returned to campus Tuesday to share the story of her path to public service. She is the first speaker in a series hosted by the Young Initiative and Politics Department titled, Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series.

Image for Philip Thigo: Kenya's Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
October 12, 2016

The recent speaker in the 2016 Sustainable Development Speaker Series, Philip Thigo, focused on the role of data in Kenya’s implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Thigo is a senior advisor for the Deputy President’s office in Kenya, as well as the founder of INFONET, and he approached the topic with a sense of optimism.

Image for Fmr. Prime Minister Lamothe Visits Oxy
October 4, 2016

The former Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, visited Occidental to discuss new methods of economic development for the future of multilateral international relations. Mr. Lamothe shared his experiences using technology as a resource to help the country recover from the 2010 earthquake that produced a humanitarian crisis.