The policies listed here advise you on using Library services. Have a question about a policy? Please email the contact(s) listed in the policy. If no contact is specified, please send your questions to circdesk@oxy.edu.

Building Use and Access | Borrowing | Conduct/Behavior

Building Use and Access

Occidental Community

Current Occidental College students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use the library facilities and resources with their Oxy IDs.

Alumni need to purchase an Occidental College (Oxy) Alumni ID card from the Card Office for $20.00 (plus an additional $20 for library building access after 5pm and before 9am), before they register at the Circulation Desk.

Library Services for Guests

Guest Short-term Access passes ( 3 weeks free, M-F 9am-5pm)

The general public, with specific research needs, may use the main library for academic and research-related purposes.
Access passes are available at the Circulation Desk (for up to three weeks)  to access Occidental physical items, with no borrowing privileges.

Guest Semester Access passes ($20 M-F 9am-5pm)

Semester Access Passes are available (until finals week of each semester) with building access Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, and in library use of books and DVDs. Semester Passes may be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $20. (As of 11/13/2017)

Courtesy Use for Visiting Scholars

A visiting scholar may use the library's resources with no borrowing privileges. Scholars are required to present a letter of introduction or reference from either Occidental faculty, Dean, or the Department Head from the scholar's home institution to the Circulation & Reserve Manager. Letters of introduction from outside of Occidental College should be submitted on the institution’s letterhead.

Academic Referral by an Occidental College department

Academic Referral scholars may use the library's resources and check-out Occidental College materials. They need to be sponsored by an Occidental College academic department. The chair of the department needs to provide a letter of introduction (including an account number) and give explicit authorization for the library to post charges to the department.

Occidental Partners, Consortium Members, Institutional Guests

Users associated with Occidental College partners listed below should register at the Circulation Desk to receive an Occidental College Library Guest card.

  • Occidental employee families
  • SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium) faculty

Special Collections & College Archives

Special Collections services and reading room are available to guests by appointment only. Outside research requests must be made via a research application in advance. See Special Collections Research Services for more information.

Braun Room

The Carl F. Braun Fine Book Room returns to its original purpose as a special collections room presenting fine print and rare books in the atmosphere of a library in a private home. Special Collections is increasingly using the Braun Room for in-class instruction and research sessions, shelving of fragile and unique books, and special print & digital culture events. In addition, the College is promoting this space for special Administrative events and film productions.

Thus, for 2019/20, the Braun Room is restricted to Special Collections programs and selected scholarly events, film shoots and Administration events. The one exception to these restricted uses are Library and ITS staff meetings of 20 or more in order to accommodate the limited space available in the Academic Commons building. All events are to be arranged through the Special Collections department or the College Librarian. 

To plan an event with Special Collections, please contact specialcollections@oxy.edu.

Special Collections uses the College Master Calendar to schedule events.  Users may also make requests via Master Calendar/Resource 25 https://www.oxy.edu/offices-services/master-calendar

Campus Services & Campus Filming and Unreel Productions are to contact Special Collections directly to arrange walkthroughs and filming. Call 323-259-2852 or email specialcollections@oxy.edu

Posted August 28, 2019
Dale Ann Stieber
Special Collections Librarian/College Archivist


Who can borrow and for how long?

Students, Faculty, and Employees may borrow a variety of items from our Reserve and video collections, book stacks and other libraries.

Alumni and Affiliated Borrowers may borrow any available materials from our book stacks and video collections. (Note: Because of license agreements, online journals and databases are not available to Alumni and Affiliated Borrowers.)

See table below for loan periods and reservation requirements.

Item type





Access Pass Holders

Campus Visitors

Oxy books¹

21 days

120 days

120 days

21 days

On-site use only

On-site use only

Oxy media¹

7 days

30 days

7 days

3 hours

On-site use only

By appointment²

LINK+ books¹

21 day

21 day

21 days




LINK+ media

7 days

7 days

7 days




Interlibrary Loan

30 days

30 days

30 days




Laptops (walk up)

6 hours

6 hours

6 hours



Special Collections By appointment³ By appointment³ By appointment³ By appointment³ By appointment³ By appointment³

¹ Renewals Allowed

² Campus Visitors may be able to make an appointment to view Oxy media in one of the library viewing rooms.

 Please contact circdesk@oxy.edu to request a viewing appointment.

³ See Special Collections for more information about their research services, or to request an appointment.

The items below may be reserved in advance for special events by using the online Library Equipment Request Form. Demand is high for this equipment so you must make arrangements in advance.

  • Long Term Laptops
  • Sound equipment and accessories
  • Cameras and projection equipment
  • Telecommunication System

Laptop Borrowing Policy

Loan period is 6 hours, no renewals and no holds. Returned laptops will be unavailable for a short time for maintenance. Laptops are circulated on a first come, first serve basis. Occidental faculty, students and staff may book a laptop to checkout in advance for up to one week per month.

  • Please be considerate of others and wear headphones when using the laptops to listen to music or watch movies.
  • By checking out a laptop from the Occidental College Library, users agree to adhere to Checkout Laptop Usage Policy.
  • It is the borrower's responsibility to return items on time and in the same condition as when checked out.
  • Ask if you need a mouse, network cord or external disc drive. All items are checked-out separately and subject to late fees.

See the table below for penalties for overdue, lost, or damaged laptops.

What are the penalties for overdue or lost items?

  • LINK+ and Interlibrary Loan accrue daily overdue fines at $1 per day. An item is considered lost and a bill is generated when that item is overdue for a number of days/hours equal to the loan period. The bill will be the replacement costs plus a non-refundable $10 billing fee.
  • Course Reserves accrue hourly fines: fines are $2 for the first 3 hours overdue and $4 for the 4th hour.
  • Laptops and media equipment loans accrue hourly fines: fines are $2 per hour to a maximum of $48.
  • Damaged books will be billed to borrowers for the same replacement cost and billing fee as a lost book.
  • Damaged laptops: students will be charged for the cost of repairs for units returned damaged.
  • Students with charges on their Library records in excess of $420 will temporarily lose borrowing privileges until items are renewed/returned or fines paid. Unpaid library charges are forwarded to Student Accounts on a monthly basis. Charges sent to Student Accounts for collection will be automatically credited if the item is returned within 6 months. After 6 months, a credit may be requested if the item has not been replaced.
  • Faculty and staff with charges on their library records in excess of $100 will temporarily lose borrowing privileges until fines are paid.
  • Guests with charges on their library records in excess of $10 will temporarily lose borrowing privileges until fines are paid.

The Table below is for Replacement costs, including fines and billing fees. The amounts listed in this table are approximate. The cost listed for books is a default minimum. Some individual items may be billed at a higher replacement value.


Minimum Replacement cost

Link+ and ILL


Oxy Books


Course Reserve






Sound equipment


How do I file an appeal for penalties on overdue or lost items?

Go to the on-line form.

Please note:

  • The appeal must be submitted within 60 calendar days of the date the bill is issued.
  • Claims returned for LINK+ and ILL must be substantiated by the owning library.
  • Library appeals are not reviewed for the following or related reasons: forgot due date; didn’t receive notices; books left in locked dorm room; can’t afford the fines/fees; book bag stolen; left campus for breaks or holidays; thought books were automatically renewed.

What are Link+ and Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Link+ is a catalog of holdings from particiapting libraries in California and Nevada. Patrons from member libraries electronically request an item not available in their own library and it is delivered to them for check-out.

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service provides Oxy students, faculty, and staff free retrieval from sources outside Occidental College. For assistance with either resource email docdel@oxy.edu, or call 323.259.2814.

Additional Notes on Borrowing Privileges

Remote access to databases is available ONLY to Occidental Patrons who have Oxy email.

Borrowing privileges such as: checkout, booking laptops/ AV equipment, Interlibrary loan (ILL), Link+, Camino are offered ONLY to Occidental Faculty, Students and Staff:

How do I reserve a locker?

Lockers are available to enrolled students. Reserve a locker from Information Resources Operations, located on the first floor, new wing, room 116. Operations hours are M-F 8:30a-5p. You can complete the INFORMATION RESOURCES STUDENT LOCKER POLICY & RENTAL FORM by clicking here. Once it is completed, please stop by the Operations Office to pick up your key & pay your deposit. Drop ins are welcome or you may call 323.259.2960 to make an appointment.

Student Locker Policy

  1. The 51 single-occupancy lockers on the first floor of the Academic Commons are assigned to current Occidental College students on a one-year basis as available. A $20.00 key deposit is required.
  2. Locks are provided with each locker and must remain with that locker throughout the borrowing period. Any change of lock will result in IMMEDIATE LOSS of locker privileges and LOSS of the $20.00 key deposit.
  3. Access to and use of the lockers will only be permitted during regular building hours.
  4. ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS MUST BE CHECKED OUT BEFORE PLACING THEM IN A LOCKER. No periodicals or reference materials may be kept in the locker at any time.
  5. Lockers will be subject to inspection by authorized Information Resources staff for library materials not properly checked out. A locker privilege will be subject to cancellation for failure to comply with checkout policies.
  6. Locker assignments are non-transferable and are subject to reassignment at the beginning of each school year. Your locker key must be returned to the Information Resources Operations Office by the last day of finals, Spring Term. Failure to return the key by the deadline will result in the LOSS of the deposit.
  7. Upon return of the key, you will receive a signed locker key receipt for the $20.00 deposit refund. You will need to redeem the receipt at the Cashier’s Office in the Arthur G. Coons building. *Please check the Cashier's hours to ensure you will have sufficient time to complete the transaction.


The Occidental College library provides services, facilities, and technological resources to support the College’s educational, research, artistic, professional, and community-service goals. The following policies are intended to govern the use of the facilities and collections

  • Smoking is not permitted. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.
  • Designated service animals are allowed inside the building; other animals are not allowed.
  • Bicycles should be parked at campus bike racks.
  • Display of posters, distribution of literature, or solicitation is prohibited (except in designated areas). A request should be submitted to irops@oxy.edu for approval.
  • Professional filming or photography inside the library facility must be approved in advance. A request should be submitted to irops@oxy.edu for approval.
  • Library reading and designated group study rooms are accessible to all Occidental patrons first come first serve. They can be reserved up to one month in advance for a maximum time of two hours only by Occidental College Faculty, students, and staff via Master Calendar. Library room capacity must be considered before booking based upon the estimated number of attendees.
  • Non-Oxy affiliated patrons have to visit the Conference Services website in regard to planning an event or reserving a space
  • Computers and other media devices in public spaces should not be used to access or display content that is inappropriate, prohibited, or unlawful.
  • When the security gate alarm is triggered, guests should approach the Circulation Desk to clear their belongings before they proceed to the exit doors.
  • Disruptive behavior, discrimination, or abuse against others is not permitted. Patrons behaving in such a manner may be asked to leave. Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, excessive noise, or any other activity that might disturb the safety and work of others.
  • Anyone who destroys or tampers with library material or property may lose library privileges.
  • Occidental College library reserves the right to refuse access and borrowing privileges to any person who fails to follow library regulations.

Gifts to the Library

In addition to cash gifts received through the College's Annual Fund campaign, the Library welcomes the opportunity to discuss gifts of materials to the circulating collection. Since the Library has very limited space for collections, we can only consider gifts that build resources to support the curriculum. Library staff would be happy to examine collections in their current location or review an inventory of titles and advise potential donors on their disposition. Potential donors should contact us at library@oxy.edu.

Likewise, the Library Special Collections is refining its scope to focus on specific subject areas that support the curriculum and academic mission. Of particular note and interest are materials related to the history of the College, Northeast Los Angeles, and College's place in the history, society, and culture of Los Angeles. Please discuss prospective gifts of rare and unique printed, manuscript, graphic, and media materials with Dale Ann Stieber, Special Collections Librarian and College Archivist (dstieber@oxy.edu).