Early Decision

Let us know of your sincere interest in Oxy and we’ll let you know your decision a lot sooner than late March.

We find it particularly compelling when students tell us that Oxy is their first choice, so our admit rates for Early Decision applicants are slightly higher than for those in Regular Decision. We generally reserve 1/3 of our seats in the first-year class for students in the Early Decision rounds and 2/3 of seats for Regular Decision applicants.

  Class of 2022      Class of 2023     
ED admit rate (EDI and EDII combined) 48% 47%
RD admit rate 36% 36%
First-year class filled in ED 31% 30%


We offer two rounds of Early Decision (ED I and ED II) for first-year applicants who are passionate about Oxy and confident that they want to join our incoming class.

ED Round

Application Deadline

Decision Notification

Early Decision I

November 15


Early Decision II

January 1

Early February

What you need to know:

  • ED is binding (unlike “early admission” or “early action”), and it means that if admitted, you will enroll at Oxy and withdraw all other applications you initiated with other colleges.
  • A completed ED application includes a signed Early Decision Agreement (available on the Common App) with signatures from a parent/guardian and a counselor.
  • ED decisions come in three forms: admit, deny and defer. We know you are very serious about Oxy if you apply ED, so the majority of our decisions are definitive as either admit or deny. A decision to defer a student to the Regular Decision pool is carefully weighed and based upon our desire to see further information (e.g., grade reports) in the context of our overall applicant pool.
  • If admitted ED, you will receive your preliminary Financial Aid information with your offer. (Just be sure to learn how financial aid works and complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile by the appropriate financial aid deadlines.)
  • Other than the application and financial aid deadlines, there’s no difference between ED I or ED II. (We want you to have the opportunity to learn as much about Oxy as possible, so whether you fall in love with us before November 15 or between then and January 1 is up to you!)