Embracing the Busy: The Life of a Student Athlete

By Audrey Krishnadasan '25

For some, juggling varsity athletics, a job in admissions, a rigorous courseload and more might feel like too much. For Audrey Krishnadasan '25, it's just another day at Occidental. 

For some young athletes, college athletics is the ultimate goal: being able to combine your school and athletic life together. However, many young athletes don’t know what to expect of this experience. Will I be overwhelmed by the practice schedule? Will my friend group consist of only my teammates? Will I fall behind in school? One of the biggest worries I hear from those approaching college athletics is the fear of being too busy and not having enough time to experience college. I too had this worry when I started looking at colleges. I knew I wanted to find a home that would let me prioritize my academic and career goals, give me a good college life and allow me to play the sport I love. Luckily, I found all of this and more at Occidental.      

My days are pretty packed: weight lifting before the sun comes up, classes all day, hours in the library doing homework afterwards, sports practice, meeting with my sorority, then hanging out with friends until I go to bed, just to wake up and do it all over again! But I wouldn’t trade my busy schedule—it is in these conditions that I thrive. Being at Oxy allows me to stay busy and happy. I play softball, participate in a Computer Science club, work as a tour guide and am even in a sorority!

Student-athletes at Oxy seem to find a great balance between their academic, athletic and social lives. Maybe it’s because we are a Division III school, which prioritizes academic success over athletic competition. Or, perhaps it’s because Oxy provides both incredible academic opportunities, as well as support for athletes with tight schedules.

While some may argue that college means having an open schedule, I think many of the student-athletes here on campus (myself included) love staying busy. By surrounding ourselves with those we share interests and identities with, whether it be a sport or a cultural club, we find a certain joy in bouncing from practice to class to other responsibilities and commitments—embracing the busy!

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