By Hope Fowler '20

I’ve always been told not to room with my friends because doing such would ruin my friendships. But so far, I couldn’t be happier.

I live with two lovely roommates from very different backgrounds and parts of the world. They are intelligent, kind, and generous. And while I can understand the perspective that living with friends may result in either too much time together or make for easier fights, I have yet to experience either in our room. Living with other people provides a number of learning opportunities. You learn to sleep with the lights on, fall asleep whilst people are talking, and be generous with your food. But when you live with people whose company you enjoy, this practice of giving and taking no longer seems like a task, but rather something you’d do for a friend.

Things that inevitably happen if you room with your friends (and you’ll feel so at home when they do):

  • The ½ sausage and avocado burrito from Delia’s that you were saving for later, will soon be leaving your side of the fridge and entering the stomach of a hungry roommate.

  • The care packages that your parents send you are no longer yours but the room’s.

  • Sharing deodorant will be the least of your worries.

  • You WILL wake up laughing together at least a few times a month.

  • They will take care of you when you are sick.

  • Group laundry means you don’t have to wait as long for your favorite top.

  • When you are having a bad hair day, they will make sure you know it.

  • When you need to talk, you know there will always be someone at "home" there for you.

  • You have a full time, in room, essay editing staff at your disposal.

  • But most importantly, you will live in a happy space where you feel respected and confident.




While I understand that rooming with your friends isn’t for everyone, I certainly urge everyone to give it some serious thought. It has been a rewarding experience and I have truly loved every moment of it.

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