We encourage you to apply for on-campus jobs as early as possible to maximize your work award.

Check Available Jobs

  • Check daily for new postings. 
  • Look for on-campus jobs that best fit your educational interests and career goals.

Apply for a Position

  • Complete and submit an application to the department where you wish to apply for work. Please note that some departments may require a supplemental application.
  • It is important to note that you may apply for and have more than one job (there is no limit on the number of jobs you can have) as long as the total hours for all jobs worked does not exceed the 10 hour per week maximum.

Complete Employment Forms

  • Once you have been offered a position, your supervisor will submit your payroll information using the online EPAF system to the Human Resources Office.
  • If you have never worked on-campus before, you will need to complete an I-9 form and a W-4 tax form. You can find these forms online via the Human Resources Office
  • To satisfy the requirements of the I-9 form, you will be asked to present original documents such as an unexpired passport or the combination of a driver's license and social security card, to name a few. For a complete list of acceptable documents see the I-9 Form on the Human Resources website.
  • Human Resources will verify your work eligibility and send an electronic approval to your supervisor.

DO NOT WORK until your supervisor receives approval from Human Resources.


Contact Financial Aid
Office of Financial Aid

AGC Room 119
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road F-35
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314