It is important that you always submit your timesheet on time to be paid.


To receive a paycheck, you and your supervisor must submit your hours worked (every two weeks) to the Payroll Office through the web-based timekeeping system. You can complete and submit your timesheets through your myOxy web portal.

Note that Campus Dining, Facilities Management, and Postal Operations use an alternate method for reporting time. If you are employed by these departments, you must follow their established procedures.


Students are encouraged to sign-up for direct deposit as the campus cashier does not cash paychecks.

Paychecks are routed to your on-campus P.O. Box on a bi-weekly basis. Individuals enrolled in direct deposit will be able to view their deposit and payroll information in the myOxy web portal under the Student Services tab.

International Students

Prior to beginning your on-campus assignment, you must complete an I-9 form with the Human Resources Department (located in the AGC Administrative Center, Room 114).  Within the first two weeks of employment you must provide Human Resources with a copy of your social security application receipt. For more information, please visit the International Programs Office website.


As a student employee, you are not covered under Social Security, unemployment, or disability insurance. After 90-days of employment with the College, student workers are eligible for up to 48-hours of sick leave per year.  Any unused sick leave does not carry over into the next calendar year (student workers begin each new year with 48-hours of sick leave). Student workers are not eligible for holiday pay and/or vacation pay.

Students who are not enrolled in summer school and who work at the College during the summer break will have withholdings for social security, medicare and voluntary disability.

Contact Financial Aid
Office of Financial Aid

AGC Room 119
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road F-35
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314