When you are hired for an on-campus position you become a member of a team that depends on you.

Your Work Award

Your work award amount is set for an academic year. Therefore, your award should be earned during both semesters and not within a few months. If your work award is only for one semester, it should be earned during that one semester.

For example, if you were awarded a work award of $3,100, that is the maximum you can earn for all on-campus jobs for the entire year. Once you have earned the amount of your work award, you must stop working. Thus it is important that you keep track of your earnings so that you do not exhaust your work award before the end of the academic year.


Students may only work a maximum of 10 hours per week for all on-campus jobs combined. This limit has been established by the College to ensure that students primarily focus on their studies.

Multiple Jobs

If you are working multiple jobs, you and your supervisors are required to keep track of your earnings to ensure you do not exhaust your work award AND do not work more than 10 hours per week while classes are in session.

Study Abroad

Students accepted into the Study Abroad program will be subject to a reduction in work study. For example, an award of $3,100 for the academic year will be reduced to $0 for the semester you are abroad and to $1,550 for the semester you are on-campus. You will not have your year's work award available in one semester.

Student Responsibilities

  • Set up a work schedule with your supervisor that compliments your class schedule and your supervisor's needs
  • Set up a work schedule that meets your personal needs and does not exceed your work study award
  • Keep your total number of hours worked per week within the 10-hour limit (for all jobs combined)
  • Coordinate a work schedule with your supervisor that will allow you to stay within your work award or earning limit. To assist you in planning your work schedule, it is recommended that you utilize the online Work Study Calculator found on the Financial Aid website
  • Do not miss class in order to work
  • Report to work promptly, ready to begin work
  • Notify your supervisor (as soon as possible and no later than the beginning of the scheduled work shift) when you are unable to work
  • Consider the employer's needs, as well as your own, when requesting time off
  • Demonstrate cooperative and positive work behaviors
  • Refrain from conducting personal business during work hours
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