Before you leave to explore the world, learn more about your travel grant.

When will I receive my travel grant?

Going abroad fall semester: Students who study abroad in the fall semester receive notice of their travel grant (if eligible) in mid-May after the Office of Financial Aid has reviewed your financial aid application. Fall study abroad students are the first to receive their financial aid offers for the upcoming academic year. It is very important that you meet all priority deadlines in order to receive your financial aid offer and notice of your travel grant in a timely manner.

Going abroad spring semester: Students who study abroad in the spring semester receive notice of their travel grant (if eligible) by late October, after we have verified your abroad status with IPO. 

How/where can I receive my travel grant?

Your travel grant may be released to you in advance of your study abroad semester by requesting a refund. Before you can request your refund, your records must be up-to-date with the Office of Financial Aid, the Student Business Services Office (SBS), and the International Programs Office. Please make sure you submit any required documents requested by these departments.

To request your travel grant refund, go to your myOxy web portal, select the Student Services tab, and click the “Refund Request, Study Abroad Stipend" link. Travel grant refunds are issued on Friday afternoons for all requests processed by Tuesday afternoon.

Once your request has been processed, Student Business Services will issue you a check for the exact amount of your travel grant (not your flight cost).

If you do not request your travel grant in advance of your abroad semester, your travel grant will disburse to your student account during your semester abroad.

When should I purchase my airfare ticket?

You may purchase your ticket at any point, but the sooner you purchase your ticket the better, since rates may increase the longer you wait.

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