Student Online Supplement

We use the Student Financial Aid Online Supplement to award need-based scholarships funded by the College's donors and other resources.

Available: January 2020

Due: March 2, 2020


The Student Financial Aid Online Supplement is located in the myOxy web portal under the My Gateway tab. This application takes only minutes to complete. It asks questions about your interest, activities, and future aspirations. 

A screenshot of MyOxy that highlights shows how to access the Financial Aid Online Supplement document via the My Gateway link in the menu

Avoid Common Errors

  • Did you work on-campus or anywhere else during 2018?— If so, make sure you answer "yes" to the W-2 question. We will need a copy of any W-2s you received. You can find a copy of your Oxy W-2 on the myOxy web portal under the Student Services tab.
  • Did you file a federal tax return?— If so, make sure you answer "yes" to this question.
  • Will you be living on-campus, off-campus, or with your parent(s)?— Answer this question to the best of your ability and notify us in writing if this answer changes after you submit your application.
  • Once you successfully submit the supplement, you will no longer be able to access the application. Please double check that you submitted it successfully by clicking the link again. If successful, you will see a confirmation.