Changing Your Award

Thoroughly review your aid offer and if you need to request any changes, here are some simple guidelines to help you navigate the process.

When we send your aid offer, we assume that you accept all financial aid as outlined on your letter and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Financial Aid Policy Guide as well as applicable federal and state regulations.

Declining Your Loans

If you wish to decline all or part of your loans, please complete a Loan Verification form and return it to the Financial Aid Office. 

Requesting a Loan/Work Change

You may request to change your work award into a loan program or change your loan into a work award by completing the Loan Verification form and returning it to the Financial Aid Office. If funds are available, we will honor your request. 

Appealing Your Offer

Financial Aid at Occidental College is need-based and can change from year to year. If you have questions regarding a change in your offer from prior years, we encourage you to call the Financial Aid Office and speak with a counselor.

To appeal your offer, make a written request for additional assistance to the Financial Aid Office. Attach documentation supporting the changes outlined in your letter. You may also wish to reference our Special Circumstances sheet for an idea of the circumstances we consider. 

If your request is based on a change in income , please complete the Income Update form and submit it with your appeal request.

We will gladly review your request for reconsideration.

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