Renewal Application

The Renewal Application allows us to review the student's eligibility for Oxy need-based grants, scholarships, loans, and work study.

Availalbe: Now

Due: March 2, 2020

The custodial parent(s) must complete the Renewal Application and upload to IDOC for review. This three-page form allows us to review the student's eligibility for Oxy need-based scholarships, loans, and work study. This takes the place of the CSS Profile that first-year students are required to complete (and it's free).

Avoid Common Errors

  • Include all members of the household in the chart. The members of the household should match the number reported on the FAFSA. Make sure to include the Oxy student, the parent(s), and other children in the household.
  • Make sure to answer all questions on the chart regarding the children and parent(s) college enrollment status, if applicable.
  • Report the parent(s) asset information as consistently as possible to what was reported on the FAFSA. If there are significant changes in the parent(s) asset information between the time the FAFSA and Renewal Application are completed, notify us in writing.
  • If any of the special circumstances listed on the third-page apply, make sure to submit documentation. If you do not submit documentation for loan repayment amounts, private elementary/secondary tuition costs, or medical/dental expenses, your cost will not be considered.

*You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, which you may download for free, to read, fill, save, and print this .pdf document.