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Occidental magazine brings you campus news, in-depth features, and profiles of exceptional alumni. For the 2021-22 academic year, the magazine will publish two print and digital issues (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022) and two digital-only issues (Summer 2021 and Winter 2022). The Spring 2022 issue is online now.

Access and Opportunity

For seven out of 10 students, financial aid helps enable the path to Oxy. Three recent grads recount their journeys, discoveries, and what comes next

Lessons From Manzanar

Seventy-five years after the Japanese-American ­incarceration, students in Paul Nam’s Modern Japan class visit an internment camp and discuss its legacy

'Guts, Grit, and Ganas'

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra implores Oxy’s Class of 2017 to swing for the fences in fostering change 

Larger Than Life

Roger Boesche retired in May after 40 years at Oxy. He died two days later. Alumni, colleagues, and a U.S. president recall his immeasurable impact 

Mr. Rohde's Wild Ride
Raconteur and adventurer Joe Rohde ’77 brings a world of influences and his liberal arts training to his work as a Disney Imagineer
Chairman of the Board

As a teenager, Lewis “Hoppy” Swarts ’41 first dragged a heavy redwood paddleboard into the waves off Hermosa Beach. Decades later, with his beloved sport in dangerous waters, he became the father of organized surfing

Extra Stresstrial

Senior comps can be time-consuming, mind-bending, and soul-crushing—but they inspire many Tigers to unimagined heights

Edible Complex

Foodies, wonks, and utensil-minded gourmands chew over a buffet of topics as Oxy hosts an international gathering of food studies scholars

Walking in L.A.

Tom Carroll ’08’s YouTube videos explore the forgotten fringes of the City of Angels, while schooling viewers about some lesser-known landmarks—and there’s no test at the end

Dohring Once, Dohring Twice

From Spring 2007: Junior diving phenoms Jon and Robert Dohring were "untouchable" all season, finishing 1-2 in the 1-and 3-meter events at the Division III nationals—and the sky's the limit for next year

Guardians of the Galaxy

More than 75 years ago, Barbara (Wylie) Canright ’40 helped lift the Jet Propulsion Laboratory off the ground. Half a century later, Eleanor Helin ’54 discovered a staggering number of asteroids. And today, Diane Evans ’76 charts a course for new discoveries—all part of a celestial legacy of Oxy alumnae in the space program

Life During Wartime

When the United States entered World War I in April 1917, Occidental was a small college struggling to survive in its new home. With a new president and a renewed sense of urgency, how did the Great War change Oxy?

Sox and Bonds

Chris Varelas '85 has a passion for sports, a knack for structuring complex technology deals, a loyalty to his Oxy family—and the uncanny ability of being at the nexus of history