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New myOxy portal FAQs

What URL do I use for the new portal?

The URL is still

Is everything within the portal being updated?

No, only the portal software is being updated, which mainly affects the portal landing pages and look and feel of the channels. Some of the channels and links have been reorganized. Applications that the portal links to or that appear within channels will be updated after the vendor releases updates for those programs.

I set up my security questions but my Action Required channel still appears.
A short time after you've completed your security questions the action required channel will automatically disappear - it should be gone by the next time you login. It requires a browser page refresh or logging out / logging in again before you'll see that the channel has gone away.

Can I use my phone or tablet to log into myOxy now?

Yes, the new portal interface is responsive and easy to navigate on your mobile device. However, applications and other items that are linked to from the portal may not be responsive yet.

Please note there is currently an issue with the left navigation on some iOS devices; the navigation icon bar at the left disappears if you try to scroll the page. You can load most pages by clicking directly on its icon, but the pages at the bottom of the list - mainly the links to Oxypedia (world icon), Feedback (pencil icon), and the Password Manager (key icon) are not currently accessible on these iOS devices. We are working on this with the vendor.

How do I clear my browser cache?

Most browsers have options to delete all cookies and cached data (sometimes with an option to specify the timeframe, such as from the last hour or week), or just the cookies from a specific site or web domain. Some but not all browsers give you the option to also specify whether you're clearing saved passwords, cookies or caches individually, but others don't.

If you've just now encountered a problem with a site, sometimes the easier (less clicks) route is to delete cache and cookies from all websites visited over the last hour if the browser offers that option, though be aware it may not always fix the problem - some problems require you to delete all cookies (often noted as "everything" or "for all time"). In some browsers, to minimize disruption to your browsing, you can delete only cookies specific domain(s) or website(s).

PLEASE NOTE: For all items related to this myOxy cutover make sure to delete cookies using the "everything" or "for all time" options. You can narrow the scope to only delete cookies if your browser offers that option.


Go to Google's instruction page. To delete only cookies follow the instructions under the "Delete Specific Instructions" section. When you search for the website's name, enter Please note: if you have pending updates for Chrome, where the instructions note a More (three dots) button, you'll instead see a colored up-arrow icon.


Follow these instructions for Edge from Microsoft. When choosing what to clear, select at least Cookies and saved website data, and Cached data and files.


Follow these instructions for IE from Microsoft. Select both Cookies and Website data, and Temporary Internet Files and Website files. Be sure that Preserve Favorites website data remains UNchecked.


Open Follow these instructions for Firefox from Mozilla. You should see a list of sites ending with; click Clear cookies and site data. This will clear cookies and site data for all sites related to (including any passwords saved in your browser). You may also need to clear your web cache by following these instructions for clearing just your web cache in Firefox.


Follow these instructions from Apple to clear cookies in Safari on a Mac running High Sierra or Mojave. Choose the appropriate operating system at the top (High Sierra or Mojave). Once you've chosen Manage Website data, search to show only cookies related to, click on the entry in the list, and choose Remove (not remove all). This will clear cookies and site data for all sites related to (including any passwords saved in your browser), and close all open tabs related to sites. 

I tried to login but I'm seeing an Authentication error, or HTTP Status 500 error. What do I do?

Close out the browser tab, restart the browser and try again.

If you still see the error, clear your browser cache and try again. 

I'm seeing an "Session timeout occurred" error. What do I do?

Close out any remaining browser tabs for myOxy and, then restart the browser and try again.

If you still see the error, clear your browser cache and try again. 

This can happen sometimes when you close the Self-Service Banner (SSB) applications browser tab - if your browser keeps the SSB tab's session cookies even after closing the tab, when you try to login again the SSB session cookie no longer matches, causing the timeout error. If you see this frequently, please let us know. You can prevent this from happening by clicking the Exit button at the top right after completing your timesheet, leave report, ePAF or other SSB tasks.

How can I make a suggestion about portal design, layout or content?

You may send any suggestions through the myOxy Feedback page. The link is located in the left or top navigation, depending on the device you're using to access the portal.

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Top Questions:

How do I change my password?

  1. Log into myOxy and click on Password manager in the top or left navigation.
  2. Enter your current password, new password, and confirm the password.
  3. Log into OxyConnect to synchronize new password with your email account.
  4. Update your Oxy password on your mobile device accounts and password managers as needed.

How do I set up the security questions in myOxy?

  1. Log into myOxy and click on Password manager in the top or left navigation.
  2. Choose Set Up Security Questions.
  3. Fill out the required fields.
  4. Click Save answers, then Confirm your questions & answers.
  5. Logout.

How can I recover my password if I've forgotten it?

  1. Go to myOxy.
  2. Click the Forgotten Password link.
  3. Enter your Oxy username.
  4. Answer your security questions.
  5. Reset and confirm your password.
  6. Log into OxyConnect to sycnchonize new password with your email account.
  7. Update your Oxy password on your mobile device accounts and password managers as needed.

If you are unable to remember the answers to your security questions, bring a photo ID to the Technology Helpdesk. If you are unable to come in person, contact us for further assistance. We will need to verify your identity before we can reset the password for the account.

How do I add Oxyconnect to my mobile device?

Google offers a comprehensive walk-though for connecting your account to your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or your email client software on your computer. Use your full Oxy email address for your username. We recommend using the IMAP protocol for your connections but Google also explains the POP option.

We recommend that iOS users set up accounts using an Exchange ActiveSync setup for Oxyconnect instead of the default Gmail set-up; this allows you to sync calendar and contacts to your phone (please be aware that if you set up multiple ActiveSync accounts that sync contacts to your phone, all of your contacts will sync across to each of the accounts). 

How do I add a printer on my computer?

We've posted instructions for adding multifunction devices in the Academic Commons and Res Halls, printing from your Oxy computer, and printing from your Personal computer. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

How do I set my mailing list membership delivery preferences?

We've posted instructions on how to set your mailing list delivery preferences to digest or individual emails. You'll also have the ability to adjust your subscription status and other list membership options within this preference panel.