The Information Technology Services (ITS) department is your first stop for tech support. We support Oxy's technical infrastructure, such as wireless, Google Workspace, classrooms. We also employ and train student workers.

Get Connected

The first time you log onto wireless you'll need to register your device. Computers and phones will usually prompt you to log in. If your device doesn't or cannot prompt you via a browser (smart home devices, some gaming systems, etc.) you can register it using the MAC address. 

Please do not attempt to add your own wireless access point or wireless router. They interfere with our own network equipment within the dorms, dirsupting internet access for others in your dorm or sometimes in adjacent dorms. If we determine that there is such a device plugged in we will turn off network access in that location until we receive conformation that the device is no longer plugged into our network.

Secure Your Information

Here are some ways to stay safer online:

If you are concened about any external entity that is pressuring you for personal information or sending you abusive or threatening messages please contact us at

Get Ready for Class


Oxy students typically bring their own PC or Mac laptops. Chromebooks and tablets may also be used for many class activities, but please note some classes will require software that is not easily accessible on tablets.


You may bring in your own printer if you wish, but you will have access to a number of printers on campus. To print to Oxy printers you'll need to install specific software, called "drivers" on your computer. Otherwise, you can log into any of the computers in the Academic Commons to print to one of the Oxy printers in the building. 

Moodle & Course Communications

Professors use email for class communications and many also use Moodle and/or Google Drive to share course materials and assignments. Be sure to check your Oxy Gmail regulary and review Moodle for course information.

Occasionally your professors will hold sessions or office hours by Zoom. All students are given a licensed Zoom account.

Access Software

Students are provided a free version of Microsoft Office and can access software like SPSS, STATA, Matlab and Mathematica via the Virtual Computer Lab. Certain courses will be provided with access to media production software based on faculty teaching needs. Unfortunatley we don't currently offer a college wide license to Adobe products. If you have a special software need for your courses or research please reach out to us and we will do our best to find solutions. Read More: /offices-services/its/services/software

Contact ITS
Academic Commons

1st Floor, Suite 116