Information for New Students

The Information Technology Services department is responsible for all things computer here at Oxy, and we'll do our best to make your technological transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, call the Technology Helpdesk at 323-259-2880 or email us at We look forward to seeing you!

First Steps


All Oxy students receive a network account to access the College’s computer network and various online services, including your email, protected online material and services and computers in the public computing labs on campus.

In order to set up your account, go to and click on Activate account, which will link you to Oxy's password manager software. Log in with your username and initial password provided within your Admissions Portal. After using your initial password, you will be prompted to change your password; you cannot use the initial password again. Once you have changed your password, please set up security questions so that you can reset your password later if needed.


Once you have activated your myOxy account, log in to your Oxy Gmail account; when prompted, type in your full email address and your newly created password. The first time you log in, you’ll need to accept Google’s terms of service and complete a captcha. Be sure to check your Oxy email regularly, as all official College communication will be sent there.

If you run into any problems, the Technology Helpdesk can be reached at or (323) 259-2880.

Top 5 questions asked by new students:

Will I have access to print or do I need to bring a printer?

You may bring in your own printer if you wish, but you will have access to a number of printers on campus. You can log into any of our lab machines on campus to print to one of the Oxy printers. We also have a multifunction printer/copier/scanner in the computer lab in every dorm as well as multifunction devices on every floor of the Academic Commons, which is open 24/5 throughout the academic year. See printing in the Academic Commons and Res Halls to set up printing on your personal PC or Mac computer.

Can I bring my own wireless access point?

No, unfortunately, you cannot bring in your own wireless access point. They interfere with our own network equipment within the dorms, dirsupting internet access for others in your dorm or sometimes in adjacent dorms. If we determine that there is such a device plugged in we will turn off network access in that location until we receive conformation that the device is no longer plugged into our network.

Does it matter whether I bring a PC or a Mac?

No, all campus network resources are availble for both PCs and Macs.

What support does ITS provide for my computer?

We provide basic support and troubleshooting to ensure that you are able to access campus resources on your personal computers; this includes network connection and configuration, setting up network printing, and offering free antivrus software for your Windows or Mac computer. We are unable to repair hardware problems on your personal machines but we do provide assistance with hardware problem diagnosis.  

How do I set up internet access for my computer, mobile device, xBox, Wii, etc. in my dorm?

In the residence halls you'll need to register your devices using our NetReg service. Any device with a browser should automatically load the NetReg Login page when you try to connect to the network. For more information and troubleshooting steps, see this detailed help page, and email the Technology Helpdesk if you have trouble getting connected.

To connect xBox, Wii, and any other devices that do not have a browser, send an email to the Technology Helpdesk that includes the following information:

  • Your name
  • The type of device
  • Your dorm and room number
  • Your hardware’s MAC address

You will be contacted by a member of ITS when your device has been connected to the Oxy network.

Other important information:

Keeping your computer safe from viruses and spyware

Viruses and malware/spyware can be a threat to your data, and will bog down your machine very quickly. We recommend installing anti-virus and spyware on your Macs and PCs (yes, Macs can get infected, too!). We also recommend turning on automatic updates for your OS and your programs so that you always get the latest security patches installed quickly. Download Sophos' Windows version or the Mac version.

Accessing movies and music online

It is illegal to download or share copyrighted materials such as music, TV shows, books, software, or movies without the permission of the copyright owner. Please be sure to read the letter in your Orientation welcome packet for more detailed information. Read more about sites you can use to access movies and music legally.

Mapping Network Drives to your computer:

As you use your computer on Campus, you may choose to map to your personal network drive(G:) and/or to the faculty/student collaboration network drive(S:). Click on the Windows or Mac link below for instructions on mapping network drives to your computer.

Mapping network drives on a Windows computer

Mapping network drives on a Mac

Available Resources - Residence Halls

  • A computer lab with a Black and White Multi-function Printer/Copier/Scanner; you can print from your own computer, or from one of the lab computers.
  • Wireless access to the Oxy network: connect to oxyairnet
  • Wired network in dorms: Usually there is just one network connection in each dorm room; if both you and your roommates(s) want to connect your computer via wired Ethernet, you can purchase an Oxy-approved mini-switch from the bookstore. 

Available Resources - Academic Commons

  • Approximately 100 Public computers
  • Printing: Black and White Multi-function Printer/Copier/Scanners on every floor, and color on the Main (Second) and First Floors; you can print from your own computer, or from one of the lab computers
  • Wired and wireless network access
  • Laptops (PC and Mac) can be checked out from the circulation desk for 6 hours at a time by walk-up, or longer by requesting a laptop ahead of time
  • Small Sound Systems, digital video and still cameras available for checkout; must be reserved in advance via