Video Conferencing

Occidental College has a number of video conferencing tools available to help facilitate meetings, lecture capture, and more. Below is an overview of the video conferencing tools we support with recommendations on when to use each.

The primary video conferencing tools currently supported at Oxy are BlueJeans, Google Hangouts Meet, and Zoom. The table below shows a side-by-side comparison of all three tools. BlueJeans and Hangouts Meet are recommended unless you need a gallery view of more than nine participants, a waiting room, pre-set breakout rooms, pop-out chat window, or polling.

Zoom Business accounts are available for faculty only, by request.

Request a Zoom Business Account

Feature BlueJeans Hangouts Meet Zoom Basic (free) Zoom Business (for faculty by request only)
Maximum Meeting Size 100 users 250 users 300 users 300 users
Maximum Gallery View Moderator plus 9 4 participants Moderator plus 49 (with hardware specifications) Moderator plus 49 (with hardware specifications)
Meeting Duration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited through July 2020


Recording Capability Yes, cloud storage (free) Yes, to Google Drive (free) Yes, local storage (free)

Yes, local (free) or cloud (limited) storage

Screenshare into Meeting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dial-in by Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Breakout Rooms (temporarily split meetings into separate discussion sections) Yes No Yes Yes
Key Integrations Google Calendar, Panopto Google Calendar Google Calendar (with Chrome browser extension), Panopto Google Calendar (with Chrome browser extension), Panopto
Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Required Software Client Application Any browser Client Application Client Application
Embedded Polling Feature No No No Yes
Hand Raise Feature No No Yes Yes
Pop-Out Chat Window No No Yes Yes