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If you need to contact the Dean of Students office, our contact information is listed below. We also offer walk-in office hours, Monday to Friday, for all students, during the academic year.


10 am - 11 am (Vivian Garay Santiago)

1 pm - 2 pm (Mariam Ashchyan, Disability Services)


10 am - 11 am (Vivian Garay Santiago)

1 pm - 2 pm (Dean Flot)

2 pm - 4 pm (Isaiah Thomas, location: Berkus Hall/Residential Education and Housing Services)


1 pm - 2 pm (Linda Doo, Disability Services

3 pm - 4 pm (Mariam Ashchyan, Disability Services)


1 pm - 2 pm (Vivian Garay Santiago)

3 pm - 4 pm (Marcus Rodriguez, location: JSC Bottom Floor - SLICE Office)

4 pm - 5 pm (Dean Flot)


11 am - 12 pm (Dean Flot) 

1 pm - 2 pm (Linda Doo, Disability Services

NOTE: If you need a form signed, please come to the Dean of Students office or Disabilty Services office and meet with Vivian Garay Santiago, Mariam Ashchyan, or Linda Doo, during their office hours. For any disability services or accommodations related needs, please see Mariam Ashchyan or Linda Doo in Disability Services.  Please check in with the Dean of Students office.   


If your matter is urgent, please contact Campus Safety at (323) 259-2599.

(323) 259-2661 - Office Number

(323) 259-2663 - Kerri Ann Miller, Executive Assistant to the Vice-President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students


Location: 1600 Campus Road, Berkus Hall