Organization advisors, coaches, and student affairs administrators are available to support students with their hazing prevention efforts. In addition to these professionals, students are encouraged to explore online resources.

Stop Hazing: Educating to Eliminate Hazing provides information for students, family members, and educators. The site includes hazing statistics, laws, myths/facts, and other related information for college campuses.

Hazing Prevention
HazingPrevention.Org is a group that is specifically dedicated to preventing hazing on college campuses. The organization started Hazing Prevention Week and has information on how on-campus organizations can get involved. Students can learn more about hazing and Hazing Prevention by reading their newsletters or participating in webinars through their website.

National Collaborative for Hazing Research and Prevention
The NCHRP conducts research to provide evidence based hazing prevention and intervention strategies. This group believes that by sharing their research and educating people on hazing and its causes enables them to devise impactful prevention intiatives.

This site has information for student athletes, administrators, and coaches in their hazing prevention efforts.

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