Oxy offers several opportunities to bond new members to each other and the rest of the group.

  • Have new members work together on a community service project or participate in campus organized service projects such as MLK Day or Relay for Life. Invite other groups to join your organization.
  • Visit a certified and supervised ropes course to work on group cohesiveness, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Ask an Office of Student Life administrator to facilitate team building activities for your group.
  • Have new members discuss areas of improvement for the group, and plan solutions with the active/older members.
  • Encourage participation in school/campus activities outside of the group/team.
  • Develop a peer mentor program within the group/team for leadership roles.
  • Invite prominent alumni to dinners, meetings, and socials to share their experiences as a member of the group/team and how it has helped them in their professional careers.
  • Plan non-required opportunities where the entire group/team gets together to attend a movie, play, concert, or other event/program.
  • Plan an induction ceremony that family and friends are invited to watch.
  • Plan a "membership circle" when active/older and new members participate in a ceremony in which each person has a chance to express what membership means to them.
  • Invite leaders of the Occidental community to speak on the institution’s goals and expectations of the group/team.
  • Encourage new members to plan social or service projects with new members from other groups/teams.
  • Provide study hours for members of the chapter.
  • Invite college/university or community experts to discuss test-taking skills, study methods, time management etc.
  • Plan fundraisers for local charitable organizations.
  • Plan a weekend for family members
  • Participate in intramural sports

Bowling Green State University. Retrieved August 14, 2012, from http://www.bgsu.edu/offices

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