The Culture of Care philosophy is aligned with the College's mission in that it emphasizes the value of maximizing the potential fulfillment of all members of the community.

The Culture of Care at Oxy is designed to encourage administrators, faculty, staff, students, and even the Board of Trustees to be part of a College-wide support network that identifies and assists students who are struggling to cope with the myriad complex challenges of college life. Oxy strives to be a community in which all faculty, staff, administrators, and the Board work collectively to support our students.

The Culture of Care refers to a community in which faculty, staff, students, administrators, and all those connected to the college, pay close attention to the individual needs of students, and are proactive in connecting with students who appear to be struggling. They can then lend support and guidance or facilitate a connection with an on- or off-campus resource that may be of assistance. Further, we hope that this spirit of caring and empathy permeates our entire campus community, and that students demonstrate a Culture of Care with each other as well.

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