Students are encouraged to take advantage of internal and external resources to report hazing incidents.

Internal Reporting Options


Students can also report instances of hazing through the anonymous report form.


If you feel comfortable, you can try talking to a trusted returning member of your group. You can also speak to your group’s advisor. Even if you explore these options, you can still contact the offices in the next section to file a formal report.


Students can report instances of hazing to administrators within the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Student Life, or Athletics. Upon receiving this information, the appropriate office will determine the next stepts, which may include an investigation that could result in a conduct hearing. Students who choose to file a report in person still have the option of the institution protecting their privacy should the incident move to a conduct hearing. For questions about the conduct process, students can either review the Code of Student Conduct or can call the Dean of Students Office.

Contact Information

Dean of Students Office: 323-259-2969
Office of Student Life: 323-259-2918
Athletics: 323-259-2608

External Reporting Options

Anti-Hazing Hotlines

National Anti-Hazing Hotline
(888) NOT-HAZE, or (888) 668-4293

Hazing Solutions
1-855-NOHAZIN, or 1-855-664-2946


Last modified: August 21, 2012

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