The Dean of Students office is the primary resource for non-academic student needs.

Mission Statement: The Dean of Students Office advances Occidental’s Mission and four cornerstones of excellence, equity, community and service by centering the well-being of our culturally diverse student body.  We are driven by a commitment to student support, community and safety, and while still offering a guiding hand, we encourage students to live up to their full potential by engaging in all that Occidental and Los Angeles have to offer.

Our Commitment to Student Support: The Dean of Students Office is committed to ensuring that students have the resources and guidance necessary to help them thrive personally and academically. The Office strives to empower students so they can feel motivated and self-determined. Students with any level of personal or academic distress can find assistance in our Office.  

We offer support with time management, planning, or study skills and personal care and guidance for all students, those on academic probation, and those with accommodations. Academic and personal accommodations are also available to students with documented disabilities. For more information regarding the policies, procedures and grievance processes of Disabilities Services, visit the Disability Services website.

Our Commitment to Community:  In an effort to be accessible to our community members, at least one member of our staff hosts office hours every day of the week. Students are encouraged to drop-by with any questions or concerns that may emerge on campus, or personally.

Our pursuit to create a learning community extends outside of the classroom. The Dean of Students Office team members can assists students with larger issues that may lead to missing classes for an extended period of time. In cases of an emergency or crisis, Dean of Students Office personnel coordinate partnerships among students, their families, faculty, and staff and help to process academic actions (leave of absence, withdrawals, etc.) as appropriate.

Our Commitment to Safety: The complex challenges of college life may lead students to encounter personal or social difficulties. As such, and our office strives to be a safe space for all students to seek assistance. The Dean of Students Office takes a holistic approach and works closely with  the Emmons Wellness Center, the Title IX Office, Project Safe, Campus Safety, and other offices across campus to ensure that the personal health and safety of students.

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