Practice Room and Classroom Use Rules for Music Study

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Using Oxy’s Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are reserved for students enrolled in MUSC 106, 107, 109, and 120-130 or any MUSA course, which includes all lessons and departmental ensembles. Once enrolled in these courses, you must visit Card Services to have your Oxy ID activated to give you access to the practice rooms; Card Services will have a list of those enrolled students.

Once your card has been activated, you may reserve a practice room online. Note that in reserving a practice room you are acknowledging you have read and agree to abiding by the following policy. Violations may result in the rescinding of practice room access. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, access to practice rooms (and classrooms) may be limited or denied according to the current Workplace Operations and Guidelines.

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the practice rooms are open only to music majors and students enrolled in Music courses. You are required to reserve your time in the practice rooms to maintain COVID safety protocols.

Practice rooms are on a schedule which allows them to ventilate in between users. For your safety and the safety of others, do not enter the rooms during the ventilation periods.

Practice Room Policy

  • A practice room can be reserved for a 45-minute slot. Each reservation is followed by a 30-minute no-entry period to allow for aerosol dispersion. Reservations begin at 6:30am and extend to 12:30am, seven days a week.
  • Only one person can occupy a practice room at any time. Students may unmask once the practice room door is closed.
  • You must use the reserved room only as scheduled, close the door while practicing, and prop open the door open upon exit. If you do not plan to show up for your reservation for any reason (including illness), you must remove your name from the reservation so that the room is made available to other students.

Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the practice rooms. Students must wipe down pianos, music stands, and/or any high-touch surfaces upon entry and exit with the Virex Plus® and paper towels located in the practice room. If either or both are not in the practice room, contact Jacquelyn Moon in the main Music office. Dispose of used paper towels in trash receptacles.

Group Music Study Policies

  • Students enrolled in Chamber Music (129) or Chamber Jazz (MUSC 128) and in groups consisting only of piano, strings, and/or percussion may reserve Booth 204 or Booth 208 by emailing Jacquelyn Moon, Department Services Coordinator.
    • Students (with or without a faculty member present) must remain masked at all times and observe social distancing. View the college's full masking guidelines.
  • Student chamber groups consisting of woodwinds, brass, and/or singing must practice outside and may reserve the Thorne Patio Tent to do so (with or without a faculty member present) by contacting both Jacquelyn Moon and Chris Kim.
  • Singers may reserve the Hillside Theater Tent through Jacquelyn Moon. 

Stay Home if Experiencing Symptoms

Students experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, must cancel their reservation.

Report Violations

Contact the Music Department at when a practice room is not left clean or when community members are not following the terms of use. This is essential to maintaining safe and functioning practice room use.

Effective Monday, August 30

Contact Music
Booth Hall 207