Speakers & Events

The Young Initiative invites foreign policy experts and guest speakers to campus to engage in discussions on international relations and the global political economy with students and faculty.

Young speakers give students and faculty an opportunity to expand their understanding of global issues. The Young Initiative sponsors several speakers each academic year highlighting particular aspects of global affairs and the global political economy.  The Young Speakers program is devoted to highlighting the work and success of eminent international affairs experts and Oxy alumni in public service and academia.

Image for Brad Feld Visits DWA 151: Entrepreneurial Leadership in the 21st Century
February 10, 2014

Brad Feld visited campus today to talk to DWA 151 about his work as an early stage investor and entrepreneur. Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987.

Image for Stephen Kinzer
November 14, 2013

Politics, Diplomacy and World Affairs, and the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs presents this Brown Bag Series.

Image for Robert Fowler: A Discussion on Al Qaeda
November 11, 2013

During his 38-year-career in Canada's public service, Bob Fowler was the foreign policy advisor to Prime Ministers Trudeau, Turner, and Mulroney; the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Canada's longest-serving ambassador to the UN, the ambassador to Italy, sherpa for the Kananaskis G8 Summit, and the personal representat

Image for Moi Enomenga, Amazonian Tribal Chief, Visits Occidental
September 25, 2013

Moi Enomenga, tribal leader of the Huaroani peoples in the Ecuadorian amazon, visited campus on September 25, 2013 to speak about the current issues facing his peoples' region today. Enomenga was visiting the United States as part of a trip to appeal to the United Nations to protect the still-uncontacted peoples of the Amazon.