Talking Books Series

A program that invites writers to share their insights on creative processes.

Talking Books, a program curated by the Library since 2017, promotes book culture by offering authors and artists an opportunity to share their work with an intellectually hungry audience. The program is designed to advance intellectual discourse at Occidental College by diving head first into the relationship between the creative process and the realities of producing art within the framework of information literacy.

Upcoming Events

Critser ’80 Memorial Talking Books presents

Patt Morrison
October 19, 2021 at 5:00pm
Mosher 1

Where do you get your news? The chain is so complex that you may not even know. You may see it for free on a screen, but that’s not where it began; it was reported and written by humans who do that for a living. News and information face a war on two fronts: one is that the sources of fact-checked information are disappearing, and the second is that they are under assault by Orwellian forces, and they need to do a better job to fend that off. The two are not unrelated.

Patt Morrison '74 will present an illustrated look at the evolution of American newspapers along with some analysis of the changing nature of news and the persistent need for it. 

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