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james vaccinating a student
Pre-Health in the time of COVID: An Unexpected Gap Year

Hear how James Henderson ’22 spent this past year battling the pandemic on the front-lines on and off campus. 

City Hall Fountain
Internship Opportunities at Occidental

Wondering how you can put your networking skills to the test? Curious about internship opportunities at Oxy? Kerr Gebreselassie ‘22 and Maahir Uttman ‘23 detail their own internship experience with Occidental’s John Parke Young Initiative and InternLA programs.

Four women playing soccer on turf field during daylight
Advice from a Student Athlete

It can be stressful trying to balance everything as a member of the Oxy’s women’s soccer team and a Biology major, but with a lot of planning and support Kia Mackey ’22 has made them integral parts of her Oxy experience.

Large wooden orange sign reading "FOR GOOD" rests in front of a library circulation desk.
Working for Telefund: A Student’s POV

One of the most popular jobs for students is Oxy’s student calling program, Telefund, which supports the Oxy Fund. Alexis Chang ’25 shared about her experience working for Telefund, also known as the best-paying job on campus.

Micah Wilson '22 seated on bench outside of large academic building.
Transferring During a Pandemic

Ruby Ferehawk ’21 sat down with fellow transfer student Micah Wilson ’22 to discuss his experience transferring to Oxy as a sophomore in Spring 2020.

Two happy Oxy roommates
The Path from Roommates to Soulmates

The moment I found out I got into Oxy Early Decision I, I felt so much joy and relief. I had put so much hard work into getting my Oxy application together with the essays and preparing for the ACT. After this big accomplishment, the next step in the process was to find a roommate.

MAMA music club members
Creating Connections through Music: MAMA Club

The following is an interview detailing how Tzu Kit Chan ’23 and MAMA Club work to achieve their “goal to inform, inspire, and infect club members to expand their musical taste and horizons while developing a profound appreciation for music.”

Womens Volleyball Team
Finding Family from Coast to Coast

My name is Kat Chodaczek, and I’m a first-year planning to major in Media Arts and Culture at Oxy. I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have lived there my entire life; the rest of my family hails from various other northeastern states. So how did I end up three thousand miles away at a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles?

Celebrating my Armenian Identity at Occidental

I look at this badge hanging on the wall right across from me that says “Activist” from the “Armenian Women in Media” panel I recently went to as part of the ANCA’s (Armenian National Committee of America’s) Grassroots Conference, and I am inspired to share what this activism looks like in my culture and personally.

Jazz Henry '23
A Place of Community and Comfort: Occidental's Intercultural Community Center

ICC leadership is passionate about their plans for the space to be more than just another place on campus, and have envisioned ICC bringing about change and social awareness at Occidental.

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