Class List Policy (updated: October 16, 2019)

There are four (4) email lists that correspond to the student classification (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Frosh), which are only to be used to address a specific class for a class-specific purpose. These lists are:

Please make a note of these guidelines when submitting your request to the class lists:

  • If your email is not class-specific and is intended for the general student body, the email should be addressed to the Oxy Digest at
    • Please note that if your request is not designed for or addressed to a specific class (or classes - up to two (2)), your request will likely be discarded.
    • Only limited exceptions will be made relating to this matter. It will depend on the content and priority of the email/message. Please correspond directly with Kerri Miller at, if you have any questions relating to this.
  • Please submit your requests at least 24-hours in advance of your event.
  • If your request is submitted after 12-noon on Friday, please be aware that your request may be delayed until the next business day.
  • Requests, generally, are not approved on the weekends and/or during college-wide holidays.
  • If your request is approved, please note that only one additional reminder will be approved. Multiple email reminders will be automatically discarded.

If you are on one of these lists and believe you should be on a different list, you can change your membership by sending the following 2 E-mail messages (this example is changing from the sophomore list to the junior list):




Please note that the class list servs are only intended to address a specific class for a class-specific purpose (e.g., graduation info for seniors).

Employee List Policy (updated 11/11/21)

Note: The use of these email lists by administrators and staff is subject to the Electronic Communication Policy in the Employee Handbook (available through Human Resources). 

In the past, Oxy has had separate “staff” and “admin” listservs for campus emails. Recently the College created a new “all-staff” listserv that merges the two lists. The new email address is and can be used to communicate with all non-faculty, non-student College employees. Therefore, the two employee lists are:

When an employee of the College sends a message to either of these lists, it goes out immediately without any approval being required.

If someone who is not an employee sends a message to the list, it goes to a moderator for approval. Approval is based upon the following guidelines:

  1. The use of these lists is reserved for College related purposes. Thus messages sent from off campus will generally not be approved.
  2. All messages must be of some general interest to members of the list.
  3. All messages must have the date, time and location of the event and a descriptive subject.
  4. Events can be publicized a maximum of two times.
  5. No personal "Lost & Found", "For Sale", "For Rent" or "Wanted" posting. Oxy Club/Organization For Sale ads and the like are allowed.
  6. No "thank you" messages.
  7. Messages must be sent at least 24 hours before the event (or on Friday for events on the next Monday).
  8. Messages should be no longer than 40 lines.
  9. The list is not a "discussion group" or "chat room".
  10. If there is doubt about the appropriateness of sending out a message, the decision will be made by an officer of the College.

The membership of these lists is maintained automatically based on the information in our Human Resources system. People who are in one category and wish to also be on another list should seek approval of the relevant Vice President. Thus if, for example, an administrator would like to receive the email sent to the faculty list, they should seek approval of the Dean of the College. People who are on more than one of these lists will receive only one copy of messages sent to all of the lists.

Student Announcement List Policy

The oxy-students-announcements-l list is a moderated email mailing list used to convey official college correspondence to the student body. Only messages of interest to the entire student body will be posted to the list. The only a people who can send messages to this list are:

  • The President of the College
  • The Dean of Students
  • The Director of Communication
  • The Director of Campus Safety
  • The Registrar

If you wish to send email to this list – please send the email to the most appropriate person above and ask that they forward it to the list.

Note that email sent to this list is sent as a separate piece of email to each student. Because we require students to monitor this list, it is important that it only be used for official communications that are of interest to everyone in the student body. Thus it is NOT to be used for routine announcements of events that are on the College calendar. Events should be announced with the list

The membership of this list is maintained automatically. Students cannot be removed from this mailing list.

Student Digest Policy

The Oxy Digest is a collection of all email messages sent to the Oxy student listing for that day. Messages are moderated and approved daily by 4:00 pm and get delivered around 9:00am the next day. To send a message to the Oxy Digest, simply send the email to

Use of the Student Digest is restricted to official Occidental College business and community announcements. This listserve is not to be used for personal communications or discussions or to address controversial issues. Profane, harassing, discriminatory, intimidating, or otherwise inappropriate comments are banned from this listserve and will not be approved.


  • Messages must be approved by the moderator 24 hours before the event. Please note that the moderator is only available Monday through Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. For example, messages for events on a Monday must be sent Friday before 4:00pm.
  • The same event can be advertised a maximum of four times but not more than twice in the same week.
  • The date, time and location of the event if appropriate.
  • Please limit the message length to 40 lines.

When posting to the Digest, please be mindful of the following policies:

Use of Vendors on Campus:
Students may not seek on-campus solicitations for personal financial gain (see Commercial Use of the College policy)

Commercial Use Policy:
“Students and staff may not establish or operate a business on campus property for personal profit, nor may they use campus facilities to conduct any portion of such businesses."

How do I subscribe to this service?
If you are not currently getting the Oxy digest you can subscribe to the service by sending an email to:
Subject: subscribe
(Leave the message body blank)

How do I unsubscribe?
If you are not interested in receiving the Oxy digest, you can unsubscribe by sending an email to:
Subject: unsubscribe
(Leave the message body blank)

How can I cancel a message?
In cases where you send the wrong information or mistype something, please cancel the message and then resend another. To cancel a message, reply to the original message that you received from the system saying that your message is awaiting moderator approval, and put "cancel" as the only text on the first line of the message (the rest of the message is ignored). Send the message. You will get another message from the system confirming the cancellation.

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