Ukulele Added to Course Offerings

Jason Arimoto and Daniel Ho perform for students

We are pleased to announce the addition of ukulele instruction to our curriculum and to welcome ukulele instructor Dr. Jason Arimoto. Joined by his friend Daniel Ho, Arimoto held a recital and ukulele workshop where newcomers and experienced players had the opportunity to borrow ukuleles and learn basic chords and strumming patterns.

Arimoto will teach a group ukulele class for beginning to low-intermediate students and private lessons to intermediate and advanced students. As a part of the instructional program, the Music Department has purchased ukuleles from Arimoto's shop-cafe, U-Space, located in Little Tokyo, which will be loaned at no cost to any student who enrolls in the group class or private lessons.

Students playing ukulele from a chord chartStudents learn from a chord chart as they strum along with the instructor.

Professor Simeon Pillich accompanies on electric bassIn the communal spirit of Hawaiian music-making, Professor Simeon Pillich brought out his electric bass and improvised accompaniment for the two ukulele players.