Deep Impact
After years (and years and years) of promises, a new aquatic center finally breaks ground this summer—and two additional tennis courts will bring athletes home to Occidental as well
Guts & Glory
When Bob Gutowski soared his highest, and Oxy's fab four ran their fastest, Chuck Coker's 1957 track team trampled all over the record books
The Grateful 8
Before Kwame Do '16 became SCIAC's all-time rushing leader in football, he had to rekindle his love for the game. It's a good thing for Oxy that he did
Oxy's Elite Eight

A closer look at the eight Oxy greats—four living, four deceased—who were inducted into the 2013 Athletics Hall of Fame
One-Hit Wonder
When the 1963 Oxy baseball team took the field against intercity rival USC, a casual fan would have predicted a Trojan blowout. But Coach Grant Dunlap '46 had a not-so-secret weapon on the...
Stars in Stripes
As Occidental prepares to induct its inaugural class into the Athletics Hall of Fame during Homecoming & Family Weekend, the playing field has never been more level for men and women. And...
Trophy Lives
If these mementoes from the Roy Dennis Trophy Room could talk, they would share many stories of Oxy's rich sports heritage
Multiple Personalities
Oxy's oldest—and most popular—Oswald logo was created in the 1930s by a decal manufacturer in Los Angeles. And boy, did he get around. Here's the untold story of one tiger's many aliases—and...