Move-in Day Guide for New and Transfer Students

A guide to making your Fall 2022 move-in experience as smooth as possible!

Move-in Schedule & Directions

Residential Education and Housing Services (REHS) is excited to have you moving in with us! Residence hall move-in will take place on the following days and times based on your class year:

  • All first-year and transfer students can move in as early as Monday, August 22 between 8 AM—2:30 PM
  • All sophomores, juniors and seniors can move in as early as Saturday, August 27 at 10 AM

Your first stop on campus will be to the Central Check-in. The Central Check-in is located on the Johnson Student Center Walkway. Click here to view the location on our campus map. Check in closes at 2:30pm, so it is important that you arrive before this time. We recommend entering campus at the intersection of Campus and Bird Roads. Orientation Leaders, Campus Safety, and signage will be present to assist you in getting to our parking structures and lots around campus.

At the Central Check-in, you will check in with the Orientation Team, check in with REHS, and retrieve your ID Card from Card Services (your ID card also serves as your electronic room key for your residence hall).

After you complete the Central Check-in, you will then proceed to your assigned residence hall and parking. You will receive a map and instructions on how to get to your residence hall from the Central Check-in. Staff and O-Team orientation leaders will be stationed around campus to guide you, and to answer any questions you may have.

When you arrive at your residence hall, your RA and REHS staff members will be there to greet you. There will be a drop off location in front of your hall where you can unload and then move your vehicle to a designated parking lot.

COVID-19 Considerations During Move-In

Oxy’s goal is a smooth and safe move-in experience for all students and families. To best ensure safety, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Family members and guests are permitted to assist students on move-in day. All students and guests at move-in will be required to wear a mask or face covering in all indoor spaces, including the residence halls. Anyone not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the residence hall.
  2. Once students and families have successfully moved their items into their assigned room, we ask that families immediately depart and not linger in the residence hall. There will be hundreds of students and families on campus, and we want to ensure that everyone has sufficient space to move in and out.
  3. REHS student and professional staff will be on-site at each residence hall to answer any questions and direct you to your room assignment. Staff will not be able to provide any assistance with moving any student personal belongings.
  4. Parents and guests are not permitted to stay overnight on campus; you will need to arrange your own off-campus accommodations if you wish to remain in the area past move-in.

August in L.A.

As you move in, please note that August in Los Angeles can be very hot. Some residence halls only have air conditioning in the community lounges on the main floor, so please bring plenty of water, and consider a fan or evaporative cooler to assist with staying cool.

Early Move-in (includes L.A. Engage, International Students and Student-Athletes)

REHS is unable to honor any early housing requests, so you will need to seek alternative housing accommodations if you arrive in the area prior to your designated move-in time. If you are involved in a College program or fall sport that requires early arrival, you should receive specific arrival information from the leaders of the program. The following is specific information regarding international students, fall athletes, and L.A. Engage Participants:

L.A. Engage Participants

The L.A. Engage webpage contains fulll information and details regarding this program. Students are permitted to move on August 20. Please contact the SLICE Office with any additional questions. 

International and Exchange Students

International student move-in day for new students is scheduled for August 16 to allow time to settle in and participate in international student orientation. You will receive more instructions about the move-in process directly from the International Programs Office via email ( 

Fall Athletes

Please be in direct contact with your coach or the Athletics Office for more information on your early arrival. 

Room Assignment

During the summer, we work hard to match you with your roommate(s) and your residence hall community. Your housing assignments will be available in early August; after receiving this information, we encourage you to get in touch with your roommate(s) to get to know each other and discuss the what-to-bring list.

Instructions & Tips

To make the move-in process as easy and efficient as possible, here are some helpful instructions and tips.

  • Ensure that your items are packed securely in boxes or containers that are easy to carry. Well-packed items allow you to move all of your items quickly and efficiently to your room. Do not pack your belongings in garbage bags.
  • Clearly mark all of your items with your first and last name to ensure your belongings are directed properly.
  • Do not bring family pets with you.
  • Parking is extremely limited during the move-in weekend. Our unloading spaces cannot accommodate hitched trailers due to limited maneuverability. Therefore only ONE car is allowed per student for move-in. At no time may you leave your car unattended in an unloading zone due to fire code. 
  • Follow the instructions of the Orientation Staff directing traffic throughout the day. They will direct you to the appropriate area for your residence when you arrive on campus. 
  • The majority of our first-year and transfer halls do not have an elevator. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Once you receive your roommate assignment, contact them and discuss what large items each of you are planning to bring to campus. This way you can avoid overcrowding the room and having duplicate items!

PLEASE NOTE: At no time may you leave your car unattended in an unloading zone due to fire code.

Packing for the Big Day

Getting excited to start packing for your first-year at Oxy? Check out what the College provides, what you should bring, what not to bring, and sustainable packing tips.

What does the College provide in each room?

  • Bed frame/mattress (twin extra-long)
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Dresser
  • Microfridge and microwave

What should I bring?

  • Personal Identification (state ID and/or passport – these will be especially important if you plan to work on campus)
  • Linens, pillows and mattress cover (all beds are twin extra long, 38 x 80 inches)
  • Toiletries and towels (you may wish to bring a container/”caddy” to transport your toiletries to and from the bathroom)
  • Shower shoes/flip-flops
  • Wastebasket
  • Computer (you might want to purchase a laptop anti-theft device or lock)
  • Alarm clock
  • Backpack
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry bag/basket and detergent
  • Fan (it can get very hot during the fall semester!)
  • Headphones
  • Health insurance card
  • Insurance protection for your property
  • Personal emergency preparedness kit (flashlight, water, first-aid materials, batteries, etc.)

What could I bring?

  • Additional reading/desk lamp (halogen lamps are not permitted)
  • Throw rug(s)
  • Mattress pad
  • Decorations to help make your room your home
  • Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron (must have an auto shutoff function)
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Small clothes iron
  • Bicycle and high-quality U-lock, as bicycles sometimes get stolen (bike racks are located outside of the residence halls)
  • Recreation equipment (please note storage is VERY limited)
  • Umbrella 
  • Personal safe or lock box

What shouldn't I bring?

Do not bring any of the following items into the residence halls. Keeping these items out of the residence halls enhances the safety and comfort of both yourself and other residents.

  • Any electrical appliance that has a heating element, a high-energy consumption (uses over 800 watts), or does not meet current UL standards. This includes, but is not limited to, hot plates, electric coffee pots, immersion heaters, popcorn poppers, crock-pots, heaters, electric pans/grills/stoves, toaster ovens, air conditioners, torchiere-style halogen lamps, ultraviolet sun lamps.
  • Candles, incense, and/or oil burners
  • Extension cords longer than 10 feet
  • Pets - other than fish in 5 gallon or smaller tanks (note: if you bring a fish with you, you will need to plan to care for it when the residence halls are closed for the break period.)
  • Furniture of any kind, including but not limited to, desks, chairs, mattresses, beds, waterbeds, tables, and office chairs)
  • Drum sets or large musical equipment
  • Speaker systems
  • Barbeques 
  • Personal wireless router, as it will interfere with the wireless internet provided to your fellow residents
  • Gas-powered equipment
  • Weapons and simulated weapons (for example, firearms, knives, Swiss Army knives, pellet guns, paintball guns, machete, firecrackers, and cap guns)
  • Any electrical appliance that has a heating element, a high-energy consumption (uses over 800 watts), or does not meet current UL standards. This includes, but is not limited to, hot plates, electric coffee pots, immersion heaters, popcorn poppers, crock-pots, heaters, electric pans/grills/stoves, toaster ovens, air conditioners, torchiere-style halogen lamps and ultra-violet sun lamps. 

Go GREEN! Sustainable Packing Tips

  • Pack fragile items with clothes, towels, or old newspapers that can be recycled or reused after you've unpacked. Styrofoam packing peanuts are dangerous to the environment and a pain to throw away!
  • Pack items in bags you will need during the year, like your backpack or suitcases. This stops unnecessary waste from being produced during the moving process.
  • For heavier items, use large plastic containers that can be reused later for storage. 
  • Check local businesses for used cardboard boxes - many will offer them for free!
  • Recycle any cardboard boxes or packaging waste that you may have after you have moved in.

Shipping Your Belongings

Postal Operations has limited ability to store your items prior to your arrival. Students who wish to ship belongings in trunks, suitcases or boxes to the College before they arrive for the fall semester should address them in care of themselves to:

Your First and Last Name
Occidental College, #____ (you can find your box number in myOxy; do NOT use “P.O. Box” or “Box #” as those designations are exclusive use of internal mailboxes at post office stations)
1600 Campus Rd
Los Angeles, CA  90041-3314

Be sure to address your packages properly. Do not use nicknames or pen names. Improperly addressed mail/packages may be refused and “Returned to Sender." Please notify your friends, family and vendors the proper way to address your mail and packages.

Students may pick up these packages after they have checked into their residence hall; smaller packages will be available at the Postal Center, while larger items will be available for pick-up at the Facilities Stockroom. For more information, please visit the Postal Operations Center.

The Campus Postal Operations Center (located in lower level Johnson Student Center below the Marketplace) and the Facilities Stockroom (next to Campus Safety) will host weekend hours of operation to aid in students receiving their shipped items.  While most items are shipped to the Postal Operations Center, large packages can be retrieved from the Facilities Stockroom:

Postal Operations Center Hours:
Saturday, August 20, 9am - 2pm
Saturday, August 27, 9am - 2pm

Facilities Stockroom Hours:
Saturday, August 20, 7am - 3:30pm
Saturday, August 27, 7am - 3:30pm

For more information about shipping and receiving mail at Oxy, visit the Postal Operations FAQ.

Getting Insured

The College will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for theft or loss of personal property by fire, water, or any other cause, whether the items are placed in your room, in storage, or other areas of the residence hall.

The College will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring to your belongings during the move-in process regardless of whether or not they were moved in by a College volunteer. You are expected to clearly label your luggage, boxes, bags and other belongings with your first and last name. You are responsible for moving valuable items into the residence hall yourself. Do not allow College volunteers to handle items such as laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, electronics, video game systems, musical instruments, jewelry, textbooks, cash, gift cards and/or items of particular sentimental or monetary value. You will not be compensated for items that are lost, misplaced, damaged, or broken (by any means) during the move-in process.

You are strongly advised to carry insurance protection against loss or damage of your personal property. Your existing homeowner’s policy may confirm that the definition of "dwelling" can be extended to include your room in your residence hall. It may be possible to add a rider to the existing policy where no coverage is provided for possessions housed at an off-site location. The best protection may be achieved through a standard tenant's policy—commonly known as “Renter’s Insurance.” For more information on the College’s partner GradGuard’s Renter’s Insurance plans, please visit their website.

You may leave personal property in your room during holidays and over the spring/winter break periods unless the College indicates in advance a need to have the room vacated. You should always take valuable items (e.g., jewelry, computers, TVs, etc.) with you when you leave, as the College cannot guarantee the security of personal belongings in your room. It is your responsibility to ensure that your doors and windows are locked whenever you are not in your room.

Decorating Your Room

Decorating your room is an exciting part of moving into your new home! This list will help you better understand the do’s and don’ts of decorating.

What may I put on my walls?

  • Use discretion and respect when decorating your room. Don't post anything on either side of your hallway door, interior doors, or walls that may be offensive or upsetting to others. You will be required to remove any material that is deemed to contribute to an unhealthy or unsafe environment, promotes unwanted comments, and/or contributes to a negative community atmosphere. 
  • Ensure that decorations are not hung from and do not obstruct smoke detectors, fire alarms, or sprinklers to avoid violating safety codes. We take fire prevention seriously and residents whose decorations have interfered with heat, smoke, or fire detection equipment will result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • You may only use blue painters tape when hanging items on the wall. You may not paint any part of your room, place stickers and/or use nails, screws, or brackets on the walls, furniture, or fixtures. All materials must be removed from your room when you check out at the end of the year and you will be charged to repair any damages that have been incurred to the walls, furniture, or fixtures in your room.

Can I use common-area furniture in my room?

All furniture in the residences is assigned to a specific room and may not be moved from one room to another. You will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and billed for the labor cost of relocating any common-area furniture found in your room.

What furniture may I use in my room? 

Only College-issued furniture is permitted in student rooms (including desk chairs). This ensures that it is properly assembled and meets safety standards. Personal mattresses, tables, and chairs, and other types of furniture are not allowed because they may create a safety hazard and/or increase the risk of fire.

May I customize College furniture or fixtures? 

For safety reasons, furniture (including closet doors and bed boards) is not to be disassembled or reassembled in a manner for which it was not originally designed. Any furniture that is disassembled or otherwise augmented will be reassembled by a College-employed professional at your cost.

May I decorate my window? 

Window dressings are provided in all of our residences. Flags, banners, bed sheets, posters, and/or signs are not to be hung in or out of windows or around residence hall property. 

May I bring a small refrigerator? 

All rooms come equipped with a microfridge and microwave; therefore, we do not allow additional refrigerators to be brought into your room.

May I bring my own air conditioner?

Students are not permitted to bring a personal air conditioner with them, as the electrical capacity of the residence halls cannot support their use.  We recommend that students bring a fan with them, as August and September can be quite hot in LA.  Students are permitted to bring an evaporative cooler to campus. Approved evaporative coolers must have a self-contained water source and require no more than 120 volts of electricity at 300 watts.  Various evaporative coolers can be sourced and purchased from a variety of stores, including