To-Do Checklist & Timeline

Take a look at what’s ahead for new Oxy students.

Here’s a glimpse into the coming months, along with some general timelines of when materials will need to be completed by and items will be due. This list will be updated with forms, deadlines and additional information throughout the summer. You will be emailed further instructions about all of these steps as well.

Early Summer

  • Activate your Oxy network account (myOxy) and Oxy email address (sent out to students late May)
  • Deadline to submit COVID-19 vaccination status in order to be eligible for campus housing (June 15 deadline)
  • Complete the 2021-22 Housing Form (June 25 deadline)

Mid Summer

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccination forms, there are several required health forms that will need to be completed. These will be available at Additional information about these health forms and health insurance will be provided via email.

  • Financial Responsibility and Consent to Treatment (must be signed by student and parent/guardian) 
  • Personal Health History (this can be completed online) 
  • Deadline to sign up for or waive Oxy student health insurance 
  • Immunization Record (completed by healthcare professional)
  • Physical Exam (only required of individuals falling into select categories) 

Late Summer