Welcome to campus, class of 2027 & new transfers! As summer has come to a close, almost all of these deadlines have passed. We will leave this page up for a little bit longer, just in case you'd like to refer back to it as you begin your time at Oxy. 

Looking ahead : Homecoming & Family Weekend isn't that far away! October 21 & 22 . More details coming your way soon! 

Past Dates & Deadlines

  • May 9  | Registration for L.A. Engage opens! (2 out of 3 trips are already full)
  • May 17 | Join the Road to Occidental Webinar series (for incoming FY students and family members only) Full Q&A transcript here
  • May 23 | Watch the Road to Occidental Webinar (for FY students only) 
  • May 31 | Activate your Oxy network account (myOxy) and Oxy email address 
  • June 1 | Housing form opens (select "apply for housing")
  • June 6  | Advising form officially open
  • June 9  | Join the housing-focused Tiger Chat at 11:00 AM (PDT)
  • June 14 Watch the Road to Occidental Webinar (for incoming transfer students and family members only) 
  • June 15 | Register for a Summer Sendoff (in your city or a city near you)! 
  • June 21Watch the housing and move-in focused Road to Occidental Webinar 
  • June 20 - 23  | Register for your Fall semester First Year Seminar (FYS) (for first-year students only) 
  • June 25 | Deadline to complete the 2023-2024 Housing Form 
  • June 30 | Deadline to register for the HJC Summer Virtual Course
  • July 1 | Submit final high school transcript by email to admission@oxy.edu (first-year students only—international students have until July 15)
  • July 1 | Deadline to complete the 2023-2024 Advising Form (login using your Oxy email address and password) 
  • July 3 | Meal Plan Form opens
  • July 12  | Deadline to add Authorized Users to your student account. To access, login to MyOxy, select the Student Services page and locate the "go to my eBill" link. Add your Authorized Users by clicking on the Authorized Users link on the right hand side menu.
  • July 17 | The notice of your bill for the Fall 2023 semester will be emailed to you and any authorized users on your account
  • July 21 | Submit a photo for your Oxy ID card
  • August 1 | Deadline to submit new student health forms in order to be eligible for campus housing (available at myhealth.oxy.edu)
  • August 1 | Submit payment for your tuition and fees 
  • August 1 | Complete/Submit the waiver of FERPA Privacy Rights form in myOxy
  • August 1 | Financial Responsibility and Consent to Treatment (must be signed by student and parent/guardian) 
  • August 1 | Personal Health History (this can be completed online) 
  • August 1 | Immunization Record (completed by healthcare professional)
  • August 1 | Physical Exam (only required of individuals falling into select categories) 
  • August 1 | Sign up for or waive Oxy student health insurance  - Enrollment opens June 1 
  • August 1 | Deadline to submit the Religious Preference Form to the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life 
  • August 4 | Housing assignments released from REHS
  • Register to join fellow incoming students and families at a Summer Sendoff reception, held around the country at the end of July and beginning of August (only 4 Sendoffs left this summer!)
  • August 9 | Deadline to complete certain online placement exams 
  • August 15  | Review your Clearance form in myOxy. (Clearance is a mandated process for students every semester. You are not officially enrolled for the semester until you complete Clearance.)
  • August 15  | Men's Water Polo move-in
  • August 15  | International student move-in (for those participating in International Student Orientation)
  • August 18  | Cross-Country, Volleyball, and Men & Women's Soccer move-in 
  • August 19 | L.A. Engage move-in
  • August 21 | New student move-in!
  • August 22  | New student Orientation begins (Mandatory for all new students)
  • August 25-26 | Students meet with their faculty adviser during Orientation and register for remaining fall classes 
  • August 28 | Convocation 
  • August 29  | First day of classes for the Fall 2023 semester
  • Deadline to complete the EverFi online education programs
  • Complete/Submit the optional waiver of FERPA Privacy Rights form in myOxy (Go to the My Gateway page and select "Online FERPA Authorizations")
  • August 31 | Deadline to select your meal-plan (form available in early July)
  • Complete the Online Entrance Interview, Master Promissory Note and Disclosures for Oxy and federal loans (if applicable)
  • Review the Code of Student Conduct
Office of Admission
Collins House

1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041