New students begin their first day at Convocation.



We are excited to partner with you in your journey as a new student and family member to Occidental College.

College is a new beginning and transition for both students and their family members—one we are excited to help you navigate! Orientation is intentionally designed to introduce you to life at Occidental College—from academic expectations to opportunities for intellectual, cultural, and social involvement.

After participating in Orientation, it is our hope that you feel more comfortable in your new home and ready to start off your first semester and college career.

New Student Orientation is compulsory for all incoming new students (including transfer, exchange, and visiting students). Fall 2018 Orientation for new students will take place August 23-28.

Family Orientation is optional, and about half to two-thirds of new students have a family member or guest participate in some portion of the program. The fall schedules for the two programs are separate and concurrent, but do provide opportunities for students and families to learn about Oxy together. If you plan to attend the Family Orientation, please register online. The Family Program will take place August 23-24, from approximately 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. each day. With the exception of two sessions en Español (8/23, 3:30 pm & 8/24, 11:15 am), the majority of the scheduled programs will be offered in English.

Additional information about the fall orientation schedule and what to expect are provided on this site and in your new student guide, which you received in the mail in early June. Tentative schedules are available below.

Tentative* Fall 2018 Orientation Schedules

*Upon your arrival to Orientation, a finalized schedule will be provided with exact times and locations.

Fall athletes and students participating in OxyEngage should contact program administrators to confirm arrival dates. Early arrival family orientations are offered for families of students with approved early move-in dates.

International Student Orientation starts August 18, and details are available here.