Student Org Handbook

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Student organizations give vibrancy to campus life. They provide students opportunities to connect with others who have similar interests, educate the campus about issues pertaining to the group’s mission and purpose, and leave a legacy at Oxy.

About this Handbook

This handbook outlines basic policies and procedures that student organizations will use to conduct business on campus. Violation of these policies may result in sanctions up to and including a loss of recognition and funding.

Throughout this manual, the term student organization is used to refer to any structured, recognized group of students on campus. Where specific types of organizations are concerned, they will be referenced by affiliation (i.e., club sports, religious/spiritual organizations, social fraternities/sororities, etc.)

Any questions about information presented in this handbook can be directed to the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE) at

SLICE Student Support & Programming

Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE)

Taking a holistic approach to student development, SLICE offers involvement opportunities and programs that center on leadership development, identity construction, intercultural communication and community engagement. Putting Oxy’s values into action, SLICE intentionally focuses on meaning-making and transformative learning on campus and in the public sphere.
With a team of dedicated educators, accomplished event organizers and skilled student programmers, SLICE offers the tools and resources you need to succeed. Whether you are interested in starting a club, being involved in student government or engaging with elected officials and community organizations, SLICE can guide and support your passions.

Programming with Purpose

SLICE Program Coordinators (PCs) develop and produce dynamic programs and events that cultivate leadership development, social justice and a sense of belonging.
With programming partners, student service providers and the greater Oxy community, we challenge students to connect learning with meaningful and reciprocal experiences outside of the classroom. Together, PCs support student development and help create a strong commitment to equity, inclusion and a life devoted to the public good.

Professional Staff

Marcus A. Rodriguez, Director
(323) 259-1325 |

Viktor Kerney, Assoc. Director of Orientation and Student Success
(323) 259-1429 |

Lina Calderón-Morin, Asst. Director of Student and Community Engagement
(323) 341-4905 |

Shaneice Warfield, Asst. Director for Student Involvement
(323) 259-2989 |

Linda Schraeder, ASOC Finance Manager
(323) 259-2561 |

Organization Recognition & Sanctioning

To be officially recognized by Occidental College and conduct business on campus, student organizations must register with SLICE. Recognition does not imply the College’s endorsement of organization purposes, objectives, or policies.

Privileges of recognition:
  • Use of campus space and College vehicles for meetings and programs in accordance with college policy.
  • Eligibility for funding from ASOC Senate and campus departments, such as SLICE and the Intercultural Center (ICC) 
  • Ability to use campus resources to recruit new members
  • Opportunity to have an Oxy-affiliated email address
  • Opportunity to have an organization mailbox through the Student Activities Center
  • Ability to post organization events to the website calendar
Requirements for establishing a new student organization:
  • Have 2 student e-board members (see requirements to hold an e-board position below). One person should serve as the club President and one should serve as Treasurer.
  • Have at least one advisor who is a college faculty member, administrator, or staff member.
  • Submit a completed Petition for Recognition to SLICE that contains at least an approved constitution, the contact information for organization leadership, and the signatures of at least 25 current students.

In order for a new organization to be approved, the organizations must abide by the following:

  • Membership may not be discriminatory. Any student, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, creed, nationality, ancestry, ability, or gender identity and expression, must be permitted to join (except where permitted by law).
  • The organization's purpose must not violate College policy or federal and/or state law. 
  • The operations of the organization may not provide profit for any individual. 
  • The organization may not sponsor activities that recklessly or intentionally endanger the health or safety of an individual.
  • Students must be free to join or leave an organization without fear of being subjected to pressure, harassment, or intimidation.
Requirements to hold an executive board position in a student organization:
  • Student organization e-board members must be registered as full-time students.
  • E-board members must not be on conduct probation with the college.
  • E-board members must maintain a 2.75 GPA.
Requirements for club to maintain registered status:
  • Maintain updated officer and advisor contact information with SLICE as changes occur.
  • Submit all organization constitutional amendments to SLICE for approval.
  • Annually submit a signed letter of intent from the organization’s college affiliated advisor expressing the desire to serve in that capacity.
  • Remain in good judicial standing with SLICE and the College.
Withdrawal of Recognition and Sanctioning:

Organizations must adhere to all College policies and the directives of College Administrators acting in their role as agents of the College. Organizations that violate College policies may be referred for Conduct Action, which may result in loss of privileges. Organizations may face charges of violating this Code if their behavior meets criteria such as:

  • one or more members of the Organization is alleged to engage in behavior that violates the Occidental College Code of Student Conduct and the behavior appears to be supported by the organization, organization members, and/or its officers;
  • one or more of the organization members' behavior is alleged to violate the Code at an activity sponsored by the organization or on property utilized by the organization; and/or 
  • a reasonable person would understand the alleged misconduct of one or more members to fall within the scope of the organization's usual and customary activities.

An organization and its officers may be held collectively and individually responsible for violations of this Code when it has been determined by a preponderance of the evidence that those associated with the organization have received the consent or encouragement of the organization or of the organization's leaders or officers. Sanctions for organization misconduct may include revocation or denial of registration or recognition, as well as other appropriate sanctions.

If Conduct Action is determined by SLICE, the matter will be refered to the Office of Student Conduct (OSC). The OSC is designated by the Dean of Students Office to administer the Occidental College Code of Student Conduct. When a violation of College policy is alleged, the OSC engages with those involved, investigates and takes appropriate action in accordance with the Code. More at

Club & Org Advisors

Advisors are not expected to be an expert in the organization, especially at first. Rather, their role is to help the organization operate to the best of its ability while allowing the students to be the driving force.

Advisors are responsible for filling a variety of roles:

  • an interpreter of policy
  • a contact between the organization and other entities (i.e., university administration, entertainment industry, and other organizations)
  • an information resource regarding organizational procedures, group process and programming concerns
  • a resource providing history and continuity between changing organizational leadership
  • a teacher of programming skills
  • a presenter of philosophical ideas and concepts of leadership
  • a counselor, mediator, consultant, or sounding board

Advisors have different styles and organizations have different needs. These styles and needs may change from year to year or even month to month. Additional support and resources are available for advisors at SLICE.

Club Sports

A Club Sport is defined as any Occidental College athletic organization recognized by SLICE and the Athletics Department that participates in an intercollegiate competition. Sports that have existing intercollegiate teams will not be represented as a Club Sport.

Community Engagement/Service Organizations

Groups involved in community engagement projects must attend training through SLICE in order to retain student group status. Failure to do so will result in the revocation of the group's registered status and benefits. All community engaged groups must adhere to the campus policies regarding such groups, as established by SLICE. 

Social Fraternal Organizations | Greek Life

All social Fraternities and Sororities are governed by the Greek Council. Greek Council is composed of representatives from each chapter and manages the different aspects of Fraternity and Sorority Life, including membership recruitment, philanthropic activities, and recognition of new chapters. Click here to learn more about Greek Life.

Religious & Spritual Organizations

Groups whose primary focus is spiritual or religious development must also register with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL). These clubs may have an off-campus advisor in addition to their on-campus faculty/staff advisor. Click here to learn more about Religious & Spiritual groups on campus.

Food Related Organizations

Groups whose primary focus is the preparation and service of food must also register with Campus Dining. It is possible that these organizations will be required to have members complete food safety certification to help reduce the risks associated with such practices.

Associated Students of Occidental College (ASOC)

The mission of ASOC is to advocate on behalf of the student body, to promote discussions about how Occidental College can evolve to better serve the students, and to support and organize activities that enhance the educational, recreational and social experience of students. All branches of ASOC serve to promote, regulate and maintain the social and educational welfare of our student body through a student government that embodies the mission of Occidental College. Please see the descriptions of each branch below. More information at


The Senate acts as an official voice for the student body, supports students and their activities, allocates and administers funds from the student body fees, oversees Student Services, and serves as the legislative body for all Associated Students of Occidental College.

Diversity and Equity Board (DEB)

DEB works toward empowerment and improved conditions for structurally marginalized groups on and off campus. DEB supports initiatives that foster a campus climate of inclusivity, further ASOC’s commitment to equity, and lead to improved practices at Occidental College.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund (RESF)

RESF’s mission is to disburse student fees with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally just campus by promoting renewable energy, resource conservation, sustainable programming and workshops, food justice, environmental justice and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and by advocating for environmental sustainability, education and awareness on campus.

Honor Board

Acting as the ASOC's judicial branch, Honor Board is comprised of 10 student jurors elected by the student body. Honor Board voices student perspectives in cases concerning alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct, the College's Academic Ethics policy or the Honor Principle.

ASOC Club Funding

When it comes to the ASOC student government funding model, you've got options!


Serving as a voice for the student body, supporting students and their activities, allocating and administering funds from the student body fees, the Senate oversees Student Services, and acts as the legislative body for all Associated Students of Occidental College.

Diversity and Equity Board (DEB)

DEB works towards student empowerment and improved conditions for structurally marginalized groups on and off campus.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund (RESF)

RESF works to improve Oxy by empowering students to carry out their own visions for sustainability.

Not quite what you were looking for? Try some of these alternatives.
  • Remsen Bird Funding - Resources for guest speakers, lecturers and artists. Available through the Intercultural Community Center and SLICE.
  • Club Fundraisers - Learn more about registering fundraisers and soliciting donations.
  • Academic Departments - Based on the nature of your club or initiative, consider approaching the academic side of the house for funding.
  • Senior Administration - Some funding may also be available via the Dean of Students, Dean of the College, and/or the President’s Office

Additional Funding Resources

Here are some ways you can get the money you need for your organization to operate. We recommend going through these in order as they tend to build on one another.

Tier 1 - Self Sustaining Funding

These funds provide the most flexible and reliable source of funding. They roll over from year to year.

  • Fundraising - bake sale, merchandise sale, car wash, etc. ASOC will help you purchase items you want to sell if you need. A popular way to collect revenue is to allow students to charge your items on their student accounts. See below for details.
  • Collecting membership dues
  • Getting donations
Tier 2 - Club Co-sponsorship

These funds are often limited in what they can be used for and unspent money often reverts to the originating organization.

  • Other student organizations - from their Tier 1 funds
  • ASOC - yes, this is considered a co-sponsorship - go to the ASOC Funding page for more information
  • Going in with other student orgs to request funds from ASOC
Tier 3 - Departmental Co-sponsorship

Departments have their own programming and services they need to use their money to support. Sometimes, they can help if you are planning an event that fits closely with their mission.

  • Academic Departments
  • Student Affairs Departments
  • Remsen Bird Fund - specifically for bringing speakers to campus and available through the Intercultural Community Center and the Office of Student Life.
Tier 4 - Closing the Gap

The Dean of Students office is committed to helping students reach a particular goal that may be otherwise out of reach. The Dean wants to see demonstrated efforts in each of the previous three tiers before they will consider contributing some of their limited money toward co-sponsorships. To apply for Dean of Students funding, contact SLICE for instructions.

Charging Student Accounts

Student Business Services provides the opportunity for individuals to charge their student accounts for purchases related to recognized student organization fundraisers. Charges collected will then be deposited in the student organization ASOC account. Please note that this is a service provided and can be removed without notice if abused. Below are the guidelines:

  1. Download the sign-up form from Student Business Services (labeled "SBS Account Charge Sheet - Student Club")
  2. Fill out the form completely. You must type in each entry. Handwritten account charge sheets will not be accepted.
    1. Suggestion: ask students to show their ID and then the club member types in the information -- prevents bogus numbers being entered.
  3. Minimum amount to charge = $5.00
  4. You will need separate sign-in sheets for separate fundraisers (e.g., 1 sheet for t-shirt sales; 1 sheet for ticket sales, etc.)
  5. Email your completed sign-in sheets to and within 10 business days after the close of your fundraiser.
  6. Your deposit should be processed and reflected in your student organization ASOC account within 10 business days after receipt.

Student Business Services reserves the right to refuse processing of student account charges if the above are not followed.

ASOC Funded Student Services

Bengal Bus

Bengal Bus is a student-run program that provides free and low-cost transportation throughout Oxy's surrounding community. Book your ride to L.A.-area airports and other popular locations including Target, the Highland Park Metro stop, museums, beaches and more! | FB and Insta: @oxybengalbus | app: TapRide

KOXY Radio

KOXY Radio is Occidental College’s student-run radio station. Besides giving students the opportunity to curate their own radio shows, KOXY puts on concerts for the student body, bringing in artists of many different genres. KOXY prides itself in engaging with the student body, providing sound supports, showcases, giveaways and music on the Quad for all to enjoy. | Insta: @koxyradio |

Bike Share

Oxy Bike Share is a student-run free bike rental service. Aside from offering rentals and repairs, Bike Share hopes to create a community focused on sustainability and adventure through a love of bicycles. | Insta: @oxybikeshare

Food, Energy and Sustainability Team (FEAST) Organic Garden

Located below the Urban Environmental Policy Institute, the FEAST Organic Garden is a student-run garden that hosts planting and harvest parties, raises a brood of hens, offers various sustainability-related workshops, and is a community focused on environmental awareness. | Insta:

La Encina

La Encina is Occidental College’s official yearbook, created by a student team of photographers, editors and writers. La Encina strives to provide a comprehensive, enjoyable and accurate record of the school year for the benefit of the current and future Occidental community. | Insta: @laencinayearbook

Occidental TV

Occidental TV broadcasts a variety of eclectic and relevant entertainment, news and opinion to Oxy students, staff and alumni. It provides rising filmmakers, designers, performers and artists with a highly visible platform to showcase their talents. | Insta: @occidentalTV

Occidental Design Service (ODS)

ODS is a student-run graphic design service that designs for departments, clubs and organizations on campus. If you are hosting an event, planning a fundraiser, presenting a speaker or showing a movie, let ODS help you spread the word! | Insta: @oxydesignservice

Programing Board

The Programing Board plans and markets major campus events like SpringFest, collaborates with other student services on events, and creates a sense of community and school spirit at Oxy. | Insta: @oxyprogrammingboard

The Occidental

As the official student newspaper of the College, The Occidental endeavors to provide fair, accurate and balanced journalism of the highest quality to members of the campus and local communities, maintaining professional journalistic standards and ethics. | Insta: @theoccidentalnews |

Student Activities Center (SAC)

SAC is a student-run organization that provides services to students, faculty, staff, clubs and organizations. The Center loans out chalk, tape, paint and Quad-sitting equipment to help promote events on campus, while offering a wide range of services from selling discounted tickets to renting out camping equipment. Additionally, SAC collaborates with other on-campus departments, such as the Bengal Bus and the Sustainability Fund, to provide students opportunities to engage in activities both on campus and in the Greater Los Angeles area.

SAC Services:
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • Discounted theme park tickets
  • Quad-sitting equipment
  • Board games and hammocks
  • Camping equipment rentals
  • Club deposits and mailboxes
  • TAP Vendor
  • FREE chalk, paint and tape loans

Please also visit the Clubs & Organizations webpage, which includes: