Agents in Orange
What does it take to get the College experience off to a roaring start? Sixty oversized paws, a strong pair of lungs, and lots of caffeine
Oxy Logo
Mixed Media
New books from Oxy faculty examining genetically modified food, Buddhist enlightenment, democracy in South America, human rights in the Middle East and North Africa, and more
Morning in America
After months in the field, Campaign Semester students react to the results of the presidential election with shock, dismay, and measured hope
When Fields Collide
Faculty interest and student demand fuel a mini-boom in academic minors at the College
Welcome to Paradise
Women's soccer and football teams embrace their ties to the 50th state—and pack an extra toothbrush just in case—with road trips to Hawai'i
Scars and Stripes
The destruction of a memorial to the victims of 9/11 creates a national stir, underlining the ongoing debate over diversity and inclusion on campus
Sam Farmer
Most Valuable Reporter
Sam Farmer '88 has angered kickers, climbed mountains with a commissioner, and covered the NFL in a city without a team. Now the Rams have come home to Los Angeles—and he's still outrunning...
Perfect Pitch
With a 23-1 varsity record, Don Hagen '64 was the finest Oxy hurler of his generation. And he chose a Tigers jersey against the advice of his coach, Grant Dunlap '46
Synch & Swim
From the age of 12, Jo Ann Brobst Hirsch '58 dreamed of going to the Olympics. She did that and so much more, traveling the globe as an underwater ambassador
Guts & Glory
When Bob Gutowski soared his highest, and Oxy's fab four ran their fastest, Chuck Coker's 1957 track team trampled all over the record books
Urban Outfitters
Eduardo Santana '99 and Eve Critton '15 lead the ground force to renew, reinvent, and revivify downtown L.A.'s Pershing Square
Oxy alumni Lindy West
Triumph of the Shrill
Lindy West ’04 speaks out for millennials with her pointed and frequently funny observations on feminism, social justice, and self-image. Trolls, bullies, and body-shamers, beware.