Occidental Magazine

Occidental magazine brings you campus news, in-depth features, and profiles of exceptional alumni. For the 2022-23 academic year, the magazine will publish two print and digital issues (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023) and two digital-only issues (Summer 2022 and Winter 2023).

The Road to Eagle Rock

A visionary president, an ambitious land syndicate, and a leap of faith led Oxy from the comforts of Highland Park to its permanent home—but it didn't come easy

The Long Way Back

After his 18th birthday, cross country and track standout John Guzman Aguilar faced deportation to his native Mexico and was separated from his family. Five years later, he's on course to be the greatest distance runner in Oxy history

Mmm! Mmm! Gold!

Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold adds an honorary degree to his plate—and serves up 10 tantalizing Eagle Rock and Highland Park dishes

Don't Try This at Home

Stem-cell biologist Madeline Lancaster '04 turns genetics
on its head with a three-dimensional "organoid" that models
the human brain

Collective Wisdom

In a generational exodus, six singular professors with more than 250 years of combined classroom experience say farewell to Oxy. But their lessons have shaped legions across every discipline

Voices Carry

A world removed from its original dormitory broadcasts, KOXY thrives in the digital age with an eclectic mix of music and chatter

Banner Year

Margaret Gallagher '13 brings an eye for nature and a touch of whimsy to a street campaign marking Oxy's Eagle Rock centenary


Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy


John Guzman Aguilar '15 runs to All-American glory; Rick Cole '78 assumes a new role in L.A. City Hall; a survey of the surviving works of silent movie cowboy Fred Thomson 1910; and more.

Codeword: Diversity

A group of faculty and students call for a renewed commitment to Oxy's mission of excellence and equity

Mixed Media

Memoirs by Susan Hamilton '65 and Randy Jurado Ertll '95; an examination of China's emerging rural crisis by assistant professor of history Alexander Day; and piano doctor Richard Davenport '69 resuscitates an American Grand.