Our goal is to offer a complete and inclusive dining experience, one which provides our guests a variety of food and beverage options and the highest level of customer service.  In support of these efforts, we appreciate your cooperation.

1. Enter the Dining Facilities at Designated Entryways

We ask that guests not attempt to enter the servery at the cashier. This creates additional congestion near the checkout area, contributes to spills and slows the flow of guests who are attempting to exit.  We have designated the cashier area as “exit only”.

2. Exit Only at the Cashier

If you have food and/or beverages, all guests must checkout at the cashier. Once you have completed your transaction, we ask that guests exit at the designated exit points. Please do not reenter the servery with previously purchased food and beverages.

3. All Food and Beverages Must be Declared to the Cashier

Cashiers can only charge guests for items which have been presented. All food and beverages must be brought to the cashier. Any items that have been placed into personal bags, backpacks, pockets, etc. must be removed and presented to the cashier at checkout. Once you make a purchase, should you need additional items or ingredients, you will need to make a separate purchase.

Our facilities are monitored by Dining staff and video cameras. Any discrepancies or suspicious activity will be noted and reviewed. Incidents of suspected theft or other misconduct may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct or Human Resources.

4. Use the Appropriate Plate, Bowl or Cup

Other than prepackaged items, food and beverage options are priced based upon the station where they are served or the size of the plate, bowl or cup. Check signage at the respective stations for pricing. In order for cashiers to charge guests appropriately, do not mix items from separate stations. When requesting extra proteins or side portions, keep all items separate until you have checked out with the cashier. If items are not kept separate, or the cashier cannot clearly determine what a guest has presented, the cashier may have to use their best judgment and could result in additional charges.

5. Do Not Reenter the Marketplace Servery with Previously Purchased Food or Beverages

Due to the high volume of patrons served each day, dining staff cannot easily distinguish between paid and unpaid guests. To avoid any unnecessary questions or confusion regarding purchases, please exit the servery using the designated exit following your completed transaction. Exiting promptly also reduces the guest capacity in the servery, allowing remaining guests to more freely navigate the facility.

6. Plates, Bowls, Cups and Silverware Must Remain at the Dining Facility

In order to maintain the serviceware necessary to accommodate our dine-in guests, do not remove these wares from the dining facility. If you prefer to enjoy your meal on the patio, please return your wares to the tray drop before you leave. If you have plates, bowls, cups, silverware or other Campus Dining equipment in your room or office, please return those items to the Marketplace or notify the Dining office so we may arrange to have someone collect it.

 7. Takeout from the Marketplace

If you prefer your meal to-go, the reusable eco clamshell is the only large takeout option. Guests must first enroll in ReusePass and obtain a personal QR code. That code can then be saved to your personal device for quick access. At checkout, guests must scan their personal QR code along with the code on each eco clamshell. Guests will receive notifications regarding the due date for each container. Guests must return the eco clamshells to the Marketplace tray drop in accordance with the due dates. While fines are intended as a last resort, an $8 charge may be applied for each container that is lost, discarded or otherwise unreturned.

Campus Dining is proud to serve our Oxy community. If you have suggestions, questions or concerns, you may submit them using the Suggestion Box or by contacting Campus Dining.

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