Because no two students eat alike, we offer a variety of meal plans. The plans you may choose from are determined by your class year and your housing.

The meal plan options are as follows (jump straight to meal plan costs):

  1st Year Student Year 2-4 Student
MEAL PLAN On-Campus Off-Campus On-Campus Off-Campus
A+ Y N/A Y Y
C Y* N/A Y Y
D N N/A Y* Y


Y Okay to purchase
Y* Required minimum plan
N Not eligible to purchase


1st Year Incoming 1st year student
Year 2-4 Continuing or transfer student
On-Campus Oxy Residence Hall or Guest House
Off-Campus SAE, Theta, Food Justice, Berkus House or Non-Oxy Housing

Want to:

  Below is a summary of each plan's cost and starting balance for the 2023-2024 academic year, per semester.
Plan A+ A B C D**
  Hearty and Frequent Diners Hearty or Frequent Diners Moderate Diners Just the Basics Diners Light Diners
Price $4,661 $4,326 $4,147 $3,767 $3,444
Minus Base Cost $2,075 $2,075 $2,075 $2,075 $2,075
Balance $2,586 $2,251 $2,072 $1,692 $1,369
Vending Account $100 $100 $100 $60 $40
Starting Balance $2,486 $2,151 $1,972 $1,632 $1,329
  Planning your Purchases
Choose what you want to eat, when you want to eat it! Oxy's á la carte pricing system will affect each student differently. We have SO many selections available - from value options, to organic and sustainable options. All Meal Plan purchases earn 50% discounts at Campus Dining operations!
avg per week* $155.37 $134.43 $123.25 $102.00 $83.06

Daily Average ++

Buying Power with the 50% discount











*based on 16 week         **not available for 1st yr students

++ Look here to see examples of daily averages per meal plan

+ Base Cost

Each meal plan has a base cost of $2,075, which is included in the price of each plan. The base cost covers overhead and other costs required to run the dining program. After a small allocation to vending, the remainder of the plan goes into the student's starting balance, to be used for 50% discounted food purchases in the dining facilities.


Meal Plans A+, A, and B have limited rollover capability. If you choose one of these plans, the balance differential between your plan and Plan C, if unspent, will be credited into a rollover account for continuing usage. 

The maximum rollover amounts are:

$380 for Plan B 
$559 for Plan A 
$894 for Plan A+

There are no rollovers, refunds or credits from Plan C or Plan D, or from the first 2,075 in the balance of Plans A+, A or B (including vending funds)

Rollover Accounts will terminate at graduation, or upon leave of absence or withdrawal. No refunds or credits will be issued.

Contact Campus Dining
Johnson Student Center

2nd Floor