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YOUR body works, plays and lives at Occidental - and we've got your nutrition covered. Oxy's Own chefs prepare foods fresh, made from scratch, from the best ingredients California has to offer. Our resource guides are frequently updated, and if you have any questions, contact us!

We are pleased to offer nutritional information on select menu items. This catalog is an ongoing project, with new items added as staffing resources permit. Please note that the nutrient composition of food may vary due to genetic, environmental and processing variables; changes in product formulation, manufacturer's data, cooking and preparation techniques. The information provided herein should be considered as approximations of the nutritional analysis of the food.

Marketplace Nutritional Information
Cold Cereal Cookies Desserts Drinks
Fruit Grill Breakfast  Grill Meat Entrees Grill Vegan/Veggie Entrees
Homestyle Meat Entrees Homestyle Sides Homestyle Vegan Entrees Homestyle Veggie Entrees
Hot Cereal Hot Drinks Hot Soups Hot Vegan Soups
Hot Vegetarian Soups Marketplace Pizza Marketplace Baked Goods Muffins
Pasta Dishes Pasta Sauces Poultry Entrees Salad Bar
Sandwich Items Snacks Specialty Salads w/Meat Specialty Stations
Veggie/Vegan Specialty Salads Wok Meat Entrees Wok Veggie/Vegan Entrees  

The Cooler Nutritional Information
Cooler Bagels Cooler Burgers Cooler Crossaints Cooler Desserts
Cooler Fried Items Cooler Grab & Go Sandwiches Grill Sandwiches Cooler Pizza
Cooler Salads Cooler Smoothies Cooler Sushi  


The Occidental College Nutrition website provides information about food and nutrition. The information found in this website is not intended for medical self-diagnosis, treatment, or counsel concerning a health problem, nor as a substitute for the care of a licensed health professional. If you have medical concerns please contact the staff at Emmons Student Wellness Center (323 259-2657) or your family physician.