Student Events on Meal Plans

Need a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner for an event occurring outside the dining facilities? Campus Dining offers take-out for student group events, charged to Meal Plans, Bengal Bucks, or Rollover.

Meal plan participants receive a 25% discount on this service. Your meal plan will be charged the discounted rate of $6.75 for each continental breakfast or boxed lunch/dinner, $9.75 for each regular lunch or dinner event for which you are signed up. Bengal Bucks, Rollover and IDC may also be used for this service at full price ($9 for breakfast, $13 for lunch or dinner). 

Steps for Ordering

Step 1: Read the Guidelines and sign the Contract

Step 2: Fill out the Application and select a Menu

Step 3: Collect Names & ID #'s of Participants (one meal per person) - Provide a department account number if you have extra guests or other charges

Step 4:  Submit forms to no fewer than 5 days before your event

Step 5:  Pick up your meal at the requested time and have a great event!

Questions? Contact Assistant Director of Campus Dining Robert Torres at