Summer Services

All you need to know about Summer 2021 dining.

All services and offerings are subject to changing health and safety regulations and guidelines, as well as best practices. The Marketplace is open to Oxy students, staff, and faculty participating in applicable health protocols. Oxy ID is required for entrance. All health and safety directives must be followed in order to enter and receive service. We accept Summer Meal plans, Rollover, Bengal Bucks, and cash.

Conference participants will dine in a separate location this summer.

Hours | Meal Plans | Prices

The Marketplace 

Summer Hours


8am - 6:30pm

10am - 6:30pm

Changes & Closures:

Closed Monday May 31 (Memorial Day)
Closed Sunday June 20 (Father's Day)
Closed Sunday July 4 (Independence Day)  OPEN MONDAY JULY 5

Summer Meal Plans (Oxy Students)

The Summer Meal Plan:

Students residing in college housing are required to have the standard Summer Meal Plan. The cost of the plan is $165 per week. Similar to the school year, a base cost* will be deducted, with the remaining balance spendable at a 50% discount. The plan week runs from Sunday through Saturday. Any balance remaining after the Marketplace closes on Saturday will not transfer to the following week. Should you go over your weekly balance, the difference may be paid at the cashier stand with Bengal Bucks, Rollover, or cash.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS MOVING IN TO HOUSING ON FRIDAY MAY 28: Your first week of the summer meal plan will begin on Friday 5/28 - and the balance will be spendable for nine days -  through Saturday May 29. The second week of your summer plan will begin on Sunday 5/30. 

*The base cost of $82.50 per week covers labor & benefits, supplies, utilities, equipment replacement, maintenance & repairs, technology, administrative support, debt service, insurance and other costs required to run the dining program. The remaining $82.50 of the plan is the weekly starting balance, to be used for 50% discounted food purchases in the Marketplace. This translates to a buying power of $23.57 per day, 7 days a week. 

Other Meal Plan Information:

A valid Oxy ID card is required to access meal plan privileges. If your ID card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must purchase a new card.


Marketplace menu items are individually priced "a la carte". Summer Meal Plan purchases earn a 50% discount. Rollover Current purchases (rollover from the 2020-2021 academic year) earn a 50% discount though June 30, 2021. Effective July 1, 2021 remaining Rollover Current balances are transferred to a traditional rollover account and no longer earn a discount on purchases. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. Have a great summer!