Summer Services

Campus Dining is open all summer, with some reduction in services

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The Marketplace

Summer Hours (Begin Monday, May 23rd):

Breakfast 7am - 9am
Lunch 11am – 1:15pm
Dinner 5pm – 6:30pm

Saturday and Sunday and Memorial Day
Breakfast (not offered until June 18) 7am - 9am
Brunch (Lunch) 11am - 1:15pm
Dinner 5pm – 6:30pm

Summer Changes & Closures:

Saturday June 11- Alumni Reunion Weekend
Breakfast 7:30am - 9:30am
Lunch 11am – 1:15pm
Dinner 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Sunday June 12 - Alumni Reunion Weekend
Breakfast 8am - 9am
Lunch 11am - 1:15pm
Dinner 5p - 6:30pm

Monday July 4:  Breakfast and Lunch only - Closed for Dinner

Saturday August 6: Breakfast and Lunch only - Closed for Dinner

Sunday August 7: Closed

Saturday, August 13: Brunch only - Closed for Dinner

Sunday, August 14: Brunch and Dinner only

Should other schedule changes occur, they will be posted on the website and communicated via campus-wide e-mail

Tiger Cooler Hours:
Monday May 16 Closed for All Campus Staff Closure 
Tuesday – Wednesday May 18 8am – 3pm
Thursday May 19 Closed for Employee Recognition Activities
Friday May 20 8am – 3pm (last day)

Reopens Monday August 15 (M-F 8am - 3pm until August 27)

Green Bean Hours:
May 17 - August 12
Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Closed Holidays

Summer Meal Plans (Oxy Students)

The Marketplace operates on an "All You Care To Eat" system during the summer. This style of service better accommodates the many internal and external groups dining in the facility. While it has the advantage of providing you with a hearty meal for one swipe of your card, selection is limited and food & beverages are to be consumed in the dining room and may not be taken out. The Marketplace closes between meals. Largely due to these factors, a less expensive meal plan can be offered.

The Summer Meal Plan:

This meal plan is entirely different from an academic year meal plan. You will have 14 meals put on your account each week, resetting on Sunday mornings. Each time you come to eat at the Marketplace, or food is provided for you elsewhere, one meal will be deducted. You may use only one meal per meal period. Each week up to 21 meal periods are offered, but no fewer than 16 will be offered. Unused meals will not carry forward to the next week.

Most summer meal plans are valid Monday May 23 Breakfast through Saturday August 6 lunch.
If you need to extend your meal plan for use after August 6, please contact Card Services.

Packed Meals Off Campus: 
If you participate in a program which requires you to work off campus, packed meals may be available on a limited basis.  Your participaton must first be verified and approved through Robert Starec:  Once approved you will receive guidelines and instructions for requesting and receiving meals-to-go.

Other Meal Plan Information:

You may use only one meal per meal period. Guests must be paid for by Cash, Rollover, Bengal Bucks, Sponsored Plans, or Inter-departmental Charge. Anyone entering the Marketplace must be paid for. Outside food may not be brought into the facility. All food must be consumed within the dining facility; no food may be removed*. Violations will result in a referral to the conduct system. Please be kind to the staff and don't put them in the position of having to police you. Food-out events such as barbeques and other group meals are not available on the no-frills plan except those arranged by REHS when the dining facilities are closed for a meal period. The summer meal plan is not accepted at the Green Bean. The Green Bean accepts Cash, Rollover, Bengal Bucks, Sponsered Plans, or Inter-departmental Charge. A valid Oxy ID card is required to access meal plan privileges. If your ID card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must purchase a new card.

*Pilot Program for Take Out

The College hosts conference groups during the summer. These groups have assigned meal times, and on occasion you will encounter lines to enter the facility. Please do not cut the line. We appreciate your patience with these guests, as many are not familiar with the Campus.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. Have a great summer!

Summer Prices (Oxy Staff/Students)

Staff/Student BREAKFAST DISCOUNT (with ID) $11.50+ tax (Breakfast is not always offered on weekends)
Staff/Student LUNCH DISCOUNT (with ID) $13 tax inclusive Monday - Friday only
Staff/Student DINNER DISCOUNT (with ID) $13 + tax
Staff/Student BRUNCH DISCOUNT (with ID) $13 + tax Saturday-Sunday
Payable by Cash, Bengal Bucks, Sponsered or Rollover. No further discounts will apply. PLEASE NOTE THAT IDC CUSTOMERS AND ANY GUESTS WILL BE CHARGED AT THE PRICES LISTED BELOW. The staff/student discount is not available to family members, consultants, contractors, auditors, etc. Please bring your Oxy ID, and please be kind to our cashiers and don't ask them for exceptions.

Regular Meal Prices: Cash, Bengal Bucks, Sponsered, Rollover:
Breakfast: $13.50 + tax
Brunch: $14.50 + tax
Lunch: $14.50 + tax
Dinner: $14.50 + tax
The price for children age 3-9 is 1/2 of the above

Inter-departmental charge (IDC) Meal Prices: For meals charged to an Oxy internal account only (no tax):
Breakfast: $11.50
Brunch: $13.00
Lunch: $13.00
Dinner: $13.00