Are you sponsoring a special day, week or month on campus during the academic year? Interested in complementing your event(s) with a theme meal in the Marketplace, or partnering with us on Berkus Hall Dinner for a Saturday night meal (does not necessarily have to be held at Berkus)? Here's what you need to do...

Submissions are due no later than 6 class weeks (breaks not included) before the first date you request. 

1. E-mail with the following information:

a. Name of your organization
b. Name of your event, week, month or series
c. Your ideas for a theme meal or Saturday buffet dinner
d. Your preferred date(s) - in order to give as many groups as possible access to theme meals, the maximum will be one per organization per academic year
e. Contact information - name, e-mail, phone #

2. Be prepared to assist with recipes, decorations, publicity - tell us what you can do!

3. Due to staffing, most Marketplace theme meals are scheduled as lunches, Tuesday through Friday.

4. Partnering with Berkus Hall Saturday dinner gives you the benefit of being able to have a custom buffet menu for one set price, charged to meal plans. All Oxy students must be permitted to attend. This option is only available Saturdays at dinner. 

5. If your group has regularly had an annual theme meal scheduled in the past, YOU MUST GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS AND SUBMIT A REQUEST.

6. Not all requests can be approved. The more advance notice, information and flexibility you give us, the more likely we can fit your theme meal into the schedule.

7. We're sorry, but late requests will not be considered.

Contact Campus Dining
Johnson Student Center

2nd Floor