See below for the answers to common questions about the Oxy catering.

All request using our online ordering system receive an automated email reply confirming receipt of your request. This email confirms the receipt of your Catering request. Regarding your request status, this information is available at the Invoice Tab in the requester's profile.

Yes, when submitting your Event Service Form, specify the number of 6-ft tables needed for food, beverages and alcohol services. The quantity required will vary based on menu, type of service and headcount.

Bar service, ensure to request 2 -6ft tables, and provide a diagram indicating the desired setup.

If you have uncertainty about the number of tables to request from the Facilities Department for your event, please reach out to via email.

Please see Event Time Definitions for more information.

Although not ideal, Campus Dining will evaluate your request and work to find a way to meet your request. Your request will still be evaluated on the next Monday, Wednesday, or Friday based on when it was received. We highly encourage all catering and event requests to be submitted as soon as possible in order to allow all parties enough time to find a win-win solution.

Hospitality Services has primary catering rights on Campus.

Catering Services may grant an exception for religious or cultural events where the food is unique in nature and cannot be prepared by Catering Services.

When an exception is granted, the Internal Client may:

  • Purchase Take-Out Orders from an approved restaurant,
  • Contract for catering services from an External Caterer on the Approved Vendor List, or
  • Seek approval to use an External Caterer not on the Approved Vendor List.

Upon request, the approved and signed Catering Exception Waiver must be provided to Catering Services. Catering Services or Risk Management may perform inspections of food sales, distribution, and External Caterers as necessary. If Catering Services practices, standards, or guidelines are not followed, Catering Services may require corrections be made or may immediately discontinue the distribution of food by the External Caterer. 

If a Catering Exception Waiver is granted, Catering Services will not provide supplemental service, staff, beverages, service ware, or other equipment.  In these instances, the Internal Client is solely responsible for maintaining food safety, safely operating all equipment, and cleaning up.  

Students: Please work with your SLICE contact.

*When an Internal Client wishes to order food and/or beverage for groups of less than 15 people and/or where the total cost of which is less than $150, they do not need the approval of Catering Services and a Catering Exception Waiver is not required* 

NOTE: All private social events and events inviting the general public, including those sponsored by on-campus entities, must use Occidental College Catering Services.

Oxy-Approved Food Vendor information

Valuable information about Campus Event Planning Resources is available here.

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