Food systems include thousands of jobs, vast areas of land, and countless consumers. As a dining operation, we strive to contribute to the goal of achieving ethical and sustainable food systems. 


Campus Dining is committed to integrating sustainability into all facets of our operation. We continuously endeavor to replace old sources, products and practices with new and better alternatives that benefit the environment and your dining experience. From our conscientious waste management program, to collaboration with students growing produce on campus, at Oxy’s Own Dining Services we are dedicated to exploring every option available for the integration of sustainability.

  • Sustainable Food Sourcing - Since we signed on to the Real Food Challenge in 2014, Oxy has purchased more and more Real Food.
  • Signs in the Marketplace indicate the sustainable offerings. Sustainable ingredients such as local, organic produce are used in preparing many of our soups, deli salads, specialty meals, and Homestyle options.
  • Composting and recycling is available in the JSC and across campus. Read more about waste management at Oxy.
  • Student Participation - Campus Dining is engaged with student’s ideas about sustainability. We employe a 4-person student intern team, which facilitates ongoing collaboration between students and the department. Student projects have included the eco-clamshell program, reducing bottled water, and the annual Iron Chef competition!

Read more about what you can do to support Campus Dining’s sustainability. We want to hear your ideas! If you have an idea or proposal for improving Dining's sustainability, get in touch with Lead Sustainability Intern Maia Adams at

Oxy’s Own Sustainable Food Goals:

  • Working Towards: 30% overall sustainable food (using RFC metrics)
  • 20% humane animal products
  • 75% ecologically sound seafood
  • 50% local/ecologically sound produce
  • 90% Coffee and chocolate from organic and/or fair trade certified sources
  • Reduce dependence on single-use plastics
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