A short list of some of the beautiful spaces for events at Occidental



Spaces On Campus

Gresham Dining Hall


Creamy walls, high, open-beamed ceilings, tall arched windows, oak tables and chairs create a setting that is warm and welcoming. This dining hall is available for College and private catered events on select Saturdays only, after 5 p.m. Branca  Patio is recommended to be booked together with Gresham to create and indoor/outdoor space.
Capacity: The dining hall accommodates up to 284 guests, and is equipped with 11 large round tables (seat 8-10) and 23 long tables (seat 6-8). Events with fewer than 100 guests will be subject to an additional charge.

Student Events in Gresham Dining Room

A maximum of two student events per semester may be held in the Gresham Dining Room, subject to space availability. The dining room is available only on Saturday nights.    The space must be requested through the SLICE office at least six weeks in advance.  

  • Your event must be an all-campus event of 200 - 284 guests (100 for a catered meal).

  • A minimum of $1,500 in catering must be purchased. No outside food may be brought in. Dining Staff must be on duty for the entiretly of the event (included in catering costs). Custodial support during the event is required - at an additional cost of $250. 

  • Special procedures apply, including providing volunteer support to move furniture prior to the event, and clean up and replace furniture immediately after the event. Full information is available by contacting dining@oxy.edu.

Branca Patio

French windows look out from the Gresham Dining Hall onto this picturesque, covered patio. The beautiful, gabled glass roof gives the feeling of being outdoors, yet provides a comfortable climate year round. Please note that use of this space for dancing requires dance floor rental.
Capacity: The patio accommodates 200 for a stand-up reception or 125 guests for dining without dancing and 100 for dining & dancing. It is equipped with 15 round tables (seat 6-8) and 95 lattice back chairs.

Morrison Lounge

This elegantly furnished lounge off the Branca Patio is ideal for receptions and lectures.  It features a media system with two large monitors. The room can be opened to the Sutton President's Dining Room to form a larger space.  The lounge is suitable for light refreshments. For more extensive receptions and catering, the Sutton President's Dining Room should also be reserved. The room is unsuitable for meal service. 
Capacity: The lounge accommodates 45 guests for an informal gathering.  It can open up into the Sutton President's Dining Room to accommodate 80 total guests. Ivory chiavari chairs are available for theater-style seating.

Sutton President's Dining Room

This carpeted conference-style meeting room is adjacent to the Morrison Lounge with a removable partition between.
Capacity: The dining room accommodates 16 guests for a conference-style meeting, or a sit-down or buffet meal.

JSC Commons

Suitable for dining or meeting, this elegantly appointed dining room has corner windows looking over the Olive Grove and Thorne Hall. 
Capacity: This dining room accommodates 20 guests at one large table, or up to 36 guests at smaller tables.

Young Dining Room

Suitable for dining or meeting, this attractively appointed room has a partition that opens into the Salsbury Dining room.
Capacity: The room accommodates 24 guests conference-style or a total of up to 60 theater-style,  with existing upholstered wood chairs when opened to the Salsbury Room. 

Salsbury Dining Room

Suitable for dining or meeting, this attractively appointed room has a partition that opens into the Young Dining room. 
Capacity: The room accommodates 16 guests conference-style or a total of up to 60 theater-style,  with existing upholstered wood chairs when opened to the Young Room. 

The Collins House

This crisp, two-story white clapboard building with its red brick chimney and black shutters has an attractive rear garden and patio area, making it a wonderful outdoor location. Behind the house is a red brick patio shaded by an elegant arbor overgrown with wisteria and roses, surrounded by low box hedges. Three steps lead down to a grass lawn and miniature formal garden with an Italianate fountain. There are two adjacent lawns shaded by a regal magnolia tree that are beautifully landscaped. NOTE: Use of this space will incur a fee for staffing by a Campus Safety Officer.
Capacity: A maximum of 80 for patio dining; 150 for stand-up receptions. Including lawn areas can accommodate up to 250 guests for a plated or buffet meal (weather permitting).

Samuelson Pavilion

This warm neo-craftsmen structure with a mission-style flair and pine floors has multiple French doors leading to an outside patio. This space is primarily for use by student groups, but department and private events may use the space under specific guidelines
Capacity: The main dining area can accommodate 150 for a buffet or plated meal. A total of 200 can be served using adjacent rooms. Two outdoor patios accommodate 50 people each for stand-up receptions.

Hinchliffe Hall

Adjacent and connected to Swan Hall, Hichcliffe Hall contains the newly designated Cushman Board Room. Use of this space requires permission from the Office of the President. 
Capacity: Cushman Board Room contains 62 seats in a U-shape.  There is a set-up charge for dinner-style seating (up to 72) in this space

Booth Music Quad

An attractive fountain enhances the beautiful architecture of this arcaded courtyard.  There are plenty of shady areas and wonderful photographic opportunities. 
Capacity: This site accommodates 80 guests for a seated meal and 150 for a stand-up reception. 

Lower Herrick

Situated below the College’s Interfaith Center, Lower Herrick is a convenient, flexible and air-conditioned space for both sit-down and stand-up receptions.   Alcohol is  not  permitted in this facility at any time.  
Capacity: This site accommodates 120 for a sit-down meal, 100 for a buffet meal, and 200 for a stand-up reception.   There is a furniture set-up charge in this location.

Herrick Memorial Chapel and Interfaith Center

Lofty yet intimate, the magnificent high ceiling with multiple stained glass windows welcomes people of all faiths.  The chapel is bright, airy and air-conditioned. 
Capacity: This site comfortably accommodates from 100 to 500 guests utilizing the main floor as well as the balcony.





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