Food Safety Class/Now Enrolling

Each campus event where outside food is approved to be served must have a member in attendance who has completed Campus Dining's food safety class

The class will provide guidelines for purchasing, preparing and serving food safely for events, based on USDA recommendations for volunteers, and the California Food Code. Oxy's Catering Policy will also be explained. This is NOT a state or national food safety certification program (such as ServSafe©).

One class will be offered for spring 2020 - RESERVATION REQUIRED

Thursday February 13
12noon - 1pm
JSC Morrison Lounge (2nd floor south)

To reserve a space for a class, please send an e-mail to

Subject line "Food Safety Class"
ID Number
Club(s) or Department(s) you are representing

You will receive an e-mail confirmation if there is space in the class for you. Students who have taken the class within the last four academic years may continue to serve in this capacity and are not required to take it again. Faculty, Staff, and Administrators should take the class every five years.

Note: Organizations with a primary purpose of catering require ServSafe® Manager Certified leaders - contact Associate Vice President Amy Munoz: