"can the cooler be open past 8 again? it would make life so much better to be open late again"

We agree! The Tiger Cooler will be open until 10pm daily for spring semester, effective January 18, 2022.


"please stop putting cilantro in everything. it can be on the side. i have the gene that makes it taste like soap and it ruins so many meals"

From Executive Chef Martin Fernandez:

Unfortunately cilantro is a component of certain dishes that build on flavor profiles. If you'd like to come speak to me in person we can discuss alternative options or altering certain dishes for your enjoyment. Please email me at mfernandez2@oxy.edu. I look forward to your email."

(Tiger Cooler) “can u actually make sure to melt the cheese ok the grilled cheese...”

We apologize if the cheese has not been sufficiently melted. if occurring during peak periods, the cooks may simply be trying to expedite orders in the most timely manner. We will advise them to pay greater attention to such details and ensure that orders are heated thoroughly!

“can you put hi chews somewhere”

Hi Chews are offered in the Bookstore, which accepts Bengal Bucks, Credit/Debit as well as cash

“Hi there,
As a Jewish student on campus I was very disappointed to see that the latkes had been changed to tater tots. I was looking forward to eating a food traditionally eaten during Chanukah, which is happening right now and was very disappointed. I was also very disappointed to see latkes being served with ham, this is very offensive to Jewish people. Please address this.``

We are so sorry to disappoint you. Unfortunately all of our vendors were unexpectedly out of latkes for this event, and we were unable to make them in house this year.

If we had been able to offer them, the latkes and toppings would have been served at the grill with french toast and chicken sausage. Canadian Bacon was available at the grill by request, but not as in intended accompaniment to latkes.

We could and should have communicated better by providing signage to explain what happened.

“Hi can you please start providing gluten free tortilla wraps as an option at the sandwich station.”

We have begun researching options for a GF Wrap available from our suppliers. If you have a favorite, please send us the brand name. Like the GF bun (available at the Grill) there may need to be an additional charge, because the prices are very high. We hope to have an alternative available at the sandwich station for spring semester.

“can you please make rice krispie treats at the bakery more thanks”

The Rice Krispie Treats are actually purchased in large pans and cut in our bakery. We’re glad you enjoy them, and you should see us stocking them more frequently.

“Can you please bring back the home made pecan pie. Please”

Our bakery staffing resources are quite stretched at the moment. We are purchasing a commercially baked pecan pie and we hope that will suffice for this holiday season.

“please give me more eggs at breakfast. the portions lately have been so small :(“

We were training new staff at the grill - we hope this is all sorted out. You may also order more (with the understanding that the cashier will charge for the extra).

“can the tofu at the grill be ready to go and not made to order.”

If requests for tofu increase to the point where we can make it in batches without waste, we will do that. So, please order the tofu!!

“Please serve the cheddar bacon biscuits more often! They were delicious, and I'd love to get them again”

Our bakery will make the bacon cheddar scones for Sunday brunch, when staffing permits. They can only be made in small batches, so come early!

“I’m begging you to add salami to the sandwich station. This would be the station absolutely elite and I’m certain it would be extremely popular amongst the student body. Thank you for your consideration”

When salami used to be offered as an option at the sandwich station, it was not sufficiently popular for it to keep its place on the menu. Instead we have switched to offering salami sandwiches in the Cooler’s rotation of pre-made sandwiches.

“I am pescatarian, which means I eat things like shrimp but not chicken. The MP has a cross contamination problem with different kinds of meat. This is not just a social issue, it has health implications. I got shrimp today and there was chicken in my food. I knew this would happen eventually bc the way the food is organized is not preventative. If I had eaten the chicken there is a high chance I would've had an allergic reaction. I am frustrated.”


“I have had multiple experiences in the dining hall where I have been argued with about food preparation and part of my accommodations in general is the fact that I have extremely severe anxiety about eating because I have almost died from cross contamination. It has only happened with one or two people but it makes me feel less safe eating in the dining hall and it felt condescending.”

We sincerely apologize for any miscommunication. First off, if you need special accommodations, please be sure to contact Associate Director Robert Starec for a consultation. In regards to the student allergic to chicken - at the time of the incident, managers immediately stepped in and rectified the placement of the items. That said, a severe allergic reaction to chicken is very rare, and not one that we prepare for in the general course of our cross-contact training. Any student with a rare allergy should be in contact with us for a plan of accommodation.

Students with or without an accommodation plan in place should not receive arguments from the cooking staff. Please contact the Chef or Marketplace Supervisor on Duty for assistance. We wear buttons stating “Questions about food? ASK ME”, or you may ask the cashier to point a chef or supervisor out to you.

“can we get more vegetarian options with protein! beans are not sufficient protein!!”

We respectfully disagree: Beans are one of the best vegetarian protein sources. According to the Cleveland Clinic: “Beans and legumes are fiber-rich nutrient powerhouses and an excellent source of protein. One serving (1/2 cup cooked) of beans provides about 7 grams of protein, the same as 1 ounce of meat.” Beans and legumes also keep you fuller, longer because they are so rich in fiber. Animal sources of protein, in contrast, have little to no fiber.. Beans and legumes are also much higher in antioxidants.

“Pls bring back the fruit smoothies at the mp love the worker and the smoothies”

Unfortunately the fresh fruit smoothies are labor intensive, and the ingredients we used are currently either not readily available, or so expensive that we would have to charge much, much more than in 2020. No worries about the staff member - Jerry - He is working, full time, in a different capacity!

Regarding Dining Staff and face coverings. All dining staff members are expected to be masked while in the kitchens or serveries. If you observe an employee not following these guidelines, please provide us with date, approximate time, where in the dining facilities this occurred and a general description of the staff member. Let’s all keep everyone safe!

Contact Campus Dining
Johnson Student Center

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