“The orange chicken last night was amazing. Please serve it again”

Thank you for the compliment, we are glad you enjoyed it!

“Yesterday, 3/30, there were packs of sliced apples and peanut butter and I loved it so much please please please have those all the time I will buy them religiously.” 

We are glad you enjoyed them! When staffing permits, we will have them in the Grab and Go fridge, and when it doesn’t you can always find whole apples and packets of Justin’s nut butters in our snack area. In addition to this request for the Marketplace, the Tiger Cooler typically offers both red and green apple wedges daily. You may also request peanut butter, as well as chocolate or caramel sauce, from the cashier.

“Currently, non dairy milks are only available in small single serving boxes. Would be nice if there were bigger options similar to the half gallons available for dairy milk.”

We are working on this for the fall semester. We’ve had many issues with our vendors this year and we hope that our Silk refrigerator will be in service soon. Our apologies!

“The churros were really good! We should have them again sometime 👀”

We hope you were able to enjoy them during our Cinco de Mayo lunch!

“Serious issues with keeping food types separated. I've seen a lot of meats get scooped and carried over the vegatarian option. I've gotten pieces of meat in my food. This is unacceptable. Also the omlet station is one of my fav things but they tend to under cook the eggs- and also the cross contamination is rly prevalent.” 

We strive to offer options at each station which cater to a vast array of needs and preferences. Due to limited space, this sometimes creates challenges. While we arrange stations in a manner intended to prevent cross-contamination, most often the issue comes down to staff training and supervision. Staffing has been one of the most challenging issues for us this past year, having to rely on non-Oxy staff in order to maintain our most basic hours and services. Our goal is to become fully staffed by our fall reopening, to train any new staff and to return to our high standards for food safety and quality.

“can u get gf bagels!!!” 

Provided that the product is still available when we return in the fall, we can carry Little Northern Bakehouse bagels at the Tiger Cooler. They are not only GF, but this brand is also free of both dairy and eggs. We also carry this brand for our GF sliced bread.

“Hi! Can we please get a rotating vegetable at the Grill station for people who don't like raw vegetables? The amount of vegetables with one meal usually don't meet the recommended intake of an adult. I often need to supplement it with vegetables at the Grill station because raw vegetables hurt my stomach but it gets a little tiring to eat the same Grill veggies every day (aspargus, zucchini, broccoli, the same medley.)”

Here is a personal response from Executive Chef, Martin Fernandez, 
If you could please contact me with what vegetables would be easier for you to consume at the grill, that would be easiest in trying to accommodate your request. I would like to discuss this further, please email me at MFernandez2@oxy.edu, Thanks!

“You guys should have that salad with the quinoa, kale, tomato, etc that you had a few weeks ago!!! It was so good.”

Thank you for the compliment, we are glad you enjoyed it! Look for it again in the fall.

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