Suggestions Through 10/18/17

Are the scrambled eggs that are served for breakfast every morning in the Marketplace organic?The pasteurized, pre-shelled eggs used in the Markeplace are cage-free, and certified organic by Oregon Tilth

Please make muffins with butterscotch chips or white choclate chips or a savory muffin.
While most of our muffins are baked from frozen dough, when our bakers have time they sometimes make a batch from a basic mix and add their own ingredients. We like your ideas and will see what's feasible ;-)
There should be pumpkin puree in the MP. No sugar or oil added, just a healthy fall snack:)
Hmmm...we're not sure how popular this would be. Could we have some more information please?  Cold or warm? How would it be packaged, or were you thinking it could be on the soup/salad bar???
Could more produce be sold and with less packaging? I would love to see whole bell peppers or cucumbers, maybe just packaged with saran wrap.
Although we do sell many packaged items including snack kits like hummus and pita and celery and ranch, we are primarily in the business of providing meals. We don't have the labor to wrap the produce whole, and neither do most of our customers have kitchens to prepare whole vegetables. 
Do the blueberries and strawberries at the waffle bar have added sugar/additives? Thank you!
Yes, these are frozen products and sugar is added in the packaging process. 
Why are the soy nuggets not vegan? Would it be possible to use gardein tenders or something similar for these meals so vegans can have an option at that station? There's been many times that I want an item but there is no way to make anything vegan because the base of the dish has no vegan option.
We carry both vegan and vegetarian Soy Nuggets at different times. The Vegetarian Nuggets are served Wednesday Lunch with the Baja Shrimp Tacos, and all day Friday at the Grill. This product holds up better after frying. The 7 Grain Vegan Nuggets are offered Tuesday at dinner next to the Chicken Strips.  Sometimes we will change it up, or offer Soy Nuggets at another station, and we try to rotate to provide variety. 
How is honey labeled within the Oxy labeling system? We used to know that a (v) means no animal products but that's no longer the case.
Items that contain Honey may also be labeled with (l) or (o) ,if they contain dairy or eggs, but should not be labeled with a (v). If you have any questions, please contact Associate Director, Robert Stared, Coolerrs, who consults on menu ingredients. 
Would it be possible to have a larger variety of cereal flavors/rotate them out and include things like Honey Bunches of Oats and Honey Comb cereal?
Kellogg's provides the cereal display and neither of those cereals are Kellogg's brand. We will check if they are available in single servings.
could chicken tenders or corn dogs be added to the cooler menu?
We're sorry, but the Cooler fryer oil is kept vegetarian. 
The Coffee Cart needs to get sweet things! Something like an ice cream cart or cake selection, cookies even, would be extremely well received!!!!
We agree, and are working to get  our vendors on board. One of last year's vendors got bought out, so we have a new supplier for packaged goods this year, and we have unfortunately experienced dependability issues with them.  We also work with local restaurant 4 Cafe, and may be able to get their baked goods, but Coffee Cart items must be pre-packaged and have ingredient labeling. This would require 4 Cafe to be able to comply with those requirements. We anticipate more sweet items for the Cart by next semester, and we appreciate your patience!
Can we please get Macro Bars? Specifically the chocolate chip peanut butter ones? 
Last time we checked, Macro Bars were far more expensive than other bars, and they don't meet Real Food Challenge criteria. But we'll look into this again. 
When serving poultry, could you please write down whether it's white or dark meat being served? It's more a preference for me but some people refuse to eat dark meat.
We can do better at this, and will certainly try. We usually identify the poultry by: Leg, Thigh, Tulip, Wing (all dark meat)
And Breast (White Meat). 
I would like to request a per item payment option for employees during the summer weeks.  The current pricing structure is fine for groups but could you add lunch options that are not all you care to eat with a fixed price. Thanks,
We hope you are aware of the staff discount - $10 tax inclusive for the AYCTE lunch during the summer ;-) . Running two accounting systems is unfortunately too complicated and hard to monitor